The night before Texas

MotorcyclesWell, actually, the night before the ride to Texas via Oklahoma and then on to New Orleans and back home.  Nine days and about 1,600 miles, give or take a few.

We got my wife’s motorcycle back last night.  They really couldn’t get it to replicate the problem after they put a new fuse in.  The guy said he took the wiring harness completely out and didn’t see anything that could be a problem.  So he put it all back together and it was still working.  It’s possible that just moving the wires around could solve the problem.

I rode it home last night and the lights kept working.  This afternoon we went for a ride for a couple of hours with a lot of stop and go and some highway driving and no problems.  So we’re taking the bikes.  We go them all packed up and ready to head out first thing in the morning. 

I’ve pre-posted a few things for each day we’re gone.  I plan to post updates during the trip.


Mammoth Cave National Park ride

Friday morning we’re heading out on a ride to visit the longest cave in the world, Mammoth Cave, in Mammoth Cave National Park in South Central Kentucky.  The cave is 365 miles long and was discovered in 1859.  I don’t think we’ll be exploring very much of those 365 miles, but it’ll be interesting I’m sure.

Our route from St. Louis will take us through Mount Vernon IL, Evansville IN, Owensboro KY, Bowling Green KY, Paducah KY, Metropolis IL,and  Cape Girardeau MO before heading back up I-55 to St. Louis on Sunday. Total mileage about 700.

Mammoth cave route
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If you have any recommendations of things to see or places to eat along our route, let me know.