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SpacewalkLast spacewalk of the Discovery Space Shuttle  Right arrow2

Flying 13 miles above Earth in an U2 spy plane

Top 20 things white people smell like

Record Tripping  A game using your mouse scroll button

Microsoft brings down world’s biggest spam network

Why Netflix envelops are rectangular and not square

Hideaki Akaiwa: A badass hero in Japan

The napping habits of 8 famous men

New York Times’ Liz Taylor obit writer died 6 years ago

What your face looks like without your skin

Fun with the restroom hand dryer  Down arrow

Hand dryer

Trivia Tidbit:  Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar for Best Actor for The Silence Of the Lambs even though his screen time was little more than 16 minutes.


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Plane restaurant47 Years of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers

9 of the Youngest Stars to Ever Host Saturday Night Live

Japan – One week later

Most Ironic Deaths In History

Pilot’s story of approach to Tokyo during the earthquake

Why ‘w’ is pronounced ‘double u’ rather than ‘double v’

7 fantastic uses for retired airplanes  Right arrow2

Life tips, from the awesome community known as Reddit

How Much TV Do We Really Watch in One Lifetime?

My daughter, the two year-old criminal (by a friend of mine)

Gadsby – A 50,000 word novel that doesn’t use the letter ‘E’

           Tv watching2



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ShuttleWell-Endowed Frog Bounces Back in California Forest

Some perspective on the Japanese earthquake

Jason Alexander offers to step in for Charlie Sheen

Discovery shuttle last pictures from the ISS  Right arrow2

Kangaroos Caged to Study Their Farts?

10 Unsettling Facts about Diet Soda

Police recover 700,000 stolen condoms

Zoo animals banned from having sex

Foodies to race for stallion semen shots

♪ Hey fly, sing me another fly love song ♪

Pepsi to test new non-plastic bottles made of plant material  Down arrow

Pepsi bottle


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About the Ides of March

Japanese post-earthquake tweets translated

Band weapons of mass destruction

6 Important Things You Didn’t Know We’re Running Out Of

Top 100 comedy films of all time

Map of current disasters around the world  Down arrow  Clickable for details

Disaster map

10 reasons you should already be psyched for opening day

Wine and cheese with the Queen

Cadbury Egg somebody’s house – Virtually

Saving Daylight –  Why?

The Japan earthquake explained


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Katie couricCelebrating the Wet Monday tradition in Ukraine

Charlie Sheen’s guide to mental wellness

Your car has been hacked

Katie Couric Investigates the Sillies  Right arrow2

Universal gift wrapping paper

Chicken Is T-Rex’s Closes Living Relative

Pictured: amazing moment crocodile swallows piranha

10 ways to be a total cliche on St. Patrick’s Day

How about a nice shot of stallion semen?


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HearseYou are not a photographer

How To Use A 2-Liter Bottle As A 50 Watt Light Bulb

Buy Dale Earnhardt’s hearse for $1.5 Million  Right arrow2

YouTube Lets You Change the Video Playback Speed

Introducing Beer Marshmallows

A million dead fish found in Southern California Marina

11 common traits of mass murderers and serial killers

Mummified remains found in St. Louis area home

What’s up with Henry Earl? He’s been arrested 900+ times

Henry’s mugshots  Down arrow


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3D foodBoy says ‘Heaven Is For Real’

Dramatic animals

Fecal matter found on 72% of shopping carts

How to sharpen your knife with a coffee cup

3D food printers create edible objects   Right arrow2

17 craziest Charlie Sheen screw-ups of all time

Top 10 Career-Ending Blunders of All Time

50 geeky things to do before you kick the bucket

For Sale: Cow farts in a can

8 Skills Our Parents Had That We Don’t

10 weirdest action figures ever


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Snake and frogCharlie Sheen’s Soundboard of Crazy

When celebrities meet their SNL impersonators

10 most infamous acts of infidelity in modern American history

Incredible pictures as a snake is captured polishing off a frog for lunch   Right arrow2

Drug-sniffing police dog ferrets out crack in man’s crack

Storm Blows Florida Pelican to a Strip Club in Canada 
(I might try that excuse too)

10 been there done thats of fashion

8 tips for feeling happier during an unhappy time

7 hilarious practical joke ideas to play on your friend’s computer [Windows]

A pig was executed by public hanging for murder

So that’s how my cursor works


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Snow car2Famous Objects from Classic Movies  (Cool Quiz Game)

A bra for your sagging butt

World’s hairiest girl

6 important things you didn’t know we’re running out of

U.S. Debt Clock

The 40 Most Amazing Pictures Of The Blizzaster Of 2011  Right arrow2

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

The dreaded first sex talk  NSFW

Whose Line Is It? Charlie Sheen or Muammar Gaddafi?

45 top websites to download free ebooks

Rat hides mice in competitor’s pizza parlors

10 Dangerous Tornado Myths Debunked

Because every country is the best at something

Inside TV’s Top Comedy Incubators  New shows the networks are brewing


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Fish drain stopperThe Internet Wish List 

The drinking bird still fascinates us

Company sells breast milk ice cream

!2 creative bathtub drain stoppers   Right arrow2

Get your last ride at Walmart

A lovely fart story involving the police and an ambulance

The loudest cat in the world

What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would be like

Cats quote Charlie Sheen

15 things they don’t tell you about being president  Down arrow

President 8 ball