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Independent Woman played by kittens

The 7 Most Epic Stadium Collapses of All Time

21 Kids not on Santa’s Nice List Right arrow2

Why grapes flash and spark in the microwave

Think before you drink… and drive

Drunk texting reference manual

The 13 Greatest Beer Commercials From The Past 15 Years

7 quick fixes for minor burns, bumps and bruises

15 coolest snowmen

10 hilarious pole dance fails



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Puzzle serverGreatest inventions of all time

What’s in your TV dinner?

The Leslie Nielsen random quote generator

Kitchen gadgets from Japan  Right arrow2

Mastering the handshake

Top 10 pet-owner mistakes

12 Scams of Christmas

Naked women in the news

A collection of clips from Leslie Nielsen films

NASA to announce that we’re not alone?

4chan Founder Tries To Explain ‘B-Tard’ To Federal Prosecutors


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Bras: An Inside Look

Comedian spends his life savings after being wrongly told he only has three months to live

Dogs are ‘smarter than cats’

50 free apps we’re most thankful for

Where’s that bone?  (I scored 9 out of 9 for 100%)

7 Things ‘good parents’ do (that screw up kids for life)

How to change your PC’s registered owner’s name in Windows  I used this because I misspelled Jonco (Jonvo) when I got my PC a couple years ago.  It worked!  Now I’m me again!

Best college pranks of all time


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10 Well known people and their phobias

Eyeball60 Years of TV’s most memorable catch phrases

Things we learned in school that are just wrong

Top 10 things you didn’t know about your eyes  Right arrow2

15 Surprising Stats about Tattoos

Working from home – Awesome AND Horrible

Adopt a word and use it –  Save the Words

10 Songs That Sound Like They’re About Women (But Aren’t)

Portion sizes – Then vs Now

Portion sizes


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Carmel pumpkin pieThe Awesome Hidden Power of Dog Poop

Tiger Woods’ New $50 Million Bachelor Bad

An in-depth look into why McDonald’s burgers don’t rot

5 great pies for Thanksgiving   Right arrow2

12 Hacks for getting more out of YouTube