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Snake and frogCharlie Sheen’s Soundboard of Crazy

When celebrities meet their SNL impersonators

10 most infamous acts of infidelity in modern American history

Incredible pictures as a snake is captured polishing off a frog for lunch   Right arrow2

Drug-sniffing police dog ferrets out crack in man’s crack

Storm Blows Florida Pelican to a Strip Club in Canada 
(I might try that excuse too)

10 been there done thats of fashion

8 tips for feeling happier during an unhappy time

7 hilarious practical joke ideas to play on your friend’s computer [Windows]

A pig was executed by public hanging for murder

So that’s how my cursor works


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Snow car2Famous Objects from Classic Movies  (Cool Quiz Game)

A bra for your sagging butt

World’s hairiest girl

6 important things you didn’t know we’re running out of

U.S. Debt Clock

The 40 Most Amazing Pictures Of The Blizzaster Of 2011  Right arrow2

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

The dreaded first sex talk  NSFW

Whose Line Is It? Charlie Sheen or Muammar Gaddafi?

45 top websites to download free ebooks

Rat hides mice in competitor’s pizza parlors

10 Dangerous Tornado Myths Debunked

Because every country is the best at something

Inside TV’s Top Comedy Incubators  New shows the networks are brewing


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Fish drain stopperThe Internet Wish List 

The drinking bird still fascinates us

Company sells breast milk ice cream

!2 creative bathtub drain stoppers   Right arrow2

Get your last ride at Walmart

A lovely fart story involving the police and an ambulance

The loudest cat in the world

What people in 1900 thought the year 2000 would be like

Cats quote Charlie Sheen

15 things they don’t tell you about being president  Down arrow

President 8 ball


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Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period. (I’m guilty)

NutmobileTop 10 misconceptions about nudism

$59 Video Hot Wheels car released

Mr. Peanut’s new and ‘green’ Nutmobile           Right arrow2

3 deer drown with antlers locked together in fight

It’s Lights out for Easy Bake Oven

Brutally honest tips for dating a blogger

How a lock and dam work

How a Dead Elephant Is Consumed In Under Two Minutes

The girls of St. Louis    Down arrow

Girls of stl


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Jackie KennedyHow to fight off a crocodile attack

Five Ways To Tell You’re Eating Americanized Mexican Food

If a tree falls in the forest…

Top 10 things you didn’t know about sperm

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dinosaur Sex

Top 45 sexiest First Ladies in U.S. history Right arrow2

Wet House – A hospice for alcoholics Drink til the end

Discounts for seniors

5 Ways Hi-Tech Retailers Are Secretly Screwing You

JFK’s Oval Office Desk an interactive tour

Most surprising voiceover cartoon performers

Psykopaint your own photos

The World’s Greatest Movie Stunts


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15 Historical Inaccuracies Widely Believed as Fact

How NASA is recycling urine into drinking water

KFS weddingSmall dogs chew off man’s toes

A failed attempt to woo Sandra Bullock


The bride looked finger lickin’ good  Right arrow2

Woman who peed in grocery freezer fined

Failed food launches

Cool and crazy gadgets and gizmos

11 Step Program for Those Thinking of Having Kids


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Reel Wisdom: Lessons from 40 Films in 7 Minutes

Convert images to text online using Free Online OCR

How to tell if a girl loves youSecret Service2

Fred’s obituary –  I think I would have liked Fred

Super technologies expected in the next 5 years

Inside the Secret Service   Right arrow2

10 great sites for finding great deals

12 tips and tricks for Microsoft Excel  

Armed chicken kills California man at cockfight

Nude men clock

The power of beer

What we drove in the late 50’s and early 60’s

Oprah’s 15 most controversial moments

Things To Do For Lonely People On Valentine’s Day

The Anchor Effect

20 stupidest quotes to come from politicians


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Terrifying bridgeBlack Beetle

Don’t touch my shit

Virtual tour of Venice Italy  Interesting

10 of the most terrifying bridges on Earth     Right arrow2

10 tricks burglars use to tell if you are home

Nothing to see here

World’s greatest movie stunts

Police bust giraffe-fighting ring

Tongue wrestling –  The art of French kissing

Sit or squat –  How to crap properly

Electronic Flaws Did Not Cause Toyota Problems

Wedding superstitions you may not know about

The Harry Potter pole dance


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Hole houseThe top 5 Super Bowl party fouls from Consumer Reports

7 buildings made of recycled crates

Bing uses Google’s search results, and denies it

What’s your brain age?  Mine is 42 which is good for my age

10 foods you can make in a coffee maker, if you really have to

Bizarre buildings     Right arrow2

Leis Black on the Taco Bell beef hoopla

Island home of Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher