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The Tale of the Flying Sausage

The Airline that Doesn’t Fly Anywhere

Phallic-shaped iceberg spotted off Newfoundland

Frank Zappa’s Panties & Bras Quilt  →  

The ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is a danger to our teens

A viral math question that is stumping the internet

100 Greatest Props in Movie History

Two bodies missing since 1942 found in melting glacier

Can they really have a murder-free weekend in Baltimore?

Man kills 820-pound wild hog in his front yard

The San Francisco Rock Band That Was Too Wild For the Sixties



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Hula hooping by butt and bun

Elephant Rescued After Being Swept Out to Sea

The New York City blackout – 40 years later  →  

Why You Spend So Much Time Waiting at the ER

Surgeons find 27 contact lenses lodged in woman’s eye

Thousands rally to save grizzly that’s chased humans

Surprising ways to use toothpaste

5 Brilliantly Crazy, Colourful and Creative Kitchens

The 24 Newest Innovations In The World

Flatulence forces passengers from jet…



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Checking the beer…

Take Me Out to the Mayhem

Fearless Rats Are Caring For Orphan Kittens

25 Things on Netflix You Should Watch Immediately

Moneyball for Dead Celebrities – A $5 Billion Business → 

The case for taking forever to finish reading books

Man Finds A Profitable Way to Stop Telemarketers

Dry Dock Photos Show the Scope of Hidden USS Fitzgerald Damage

What Is Net Neutrality and Why Should You Care?

The biggest mistakes in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Man gets stuck inside ATM puts “Please Help” note into receipt slot

The Backfire Effect – A well documented psychological behavior

Pushing Buttons: In Our Divided America, Political Pinbacks Give Anyone a Voice



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The Pitch Drop Experiment

15 Facts About St. Louis You Never Knew

Photo of selfie-loving gorilla goes viral

Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist  →  

When you realize you’re dating an idiot…

Yo Dawg, I heard you don’t like bushes

25 Ice Cream Flavors You Won’t Believe Exist

Police tase man doused in gasoline – Kaboom!

Live webcam looking at the Gateway Arch and downtown St. Louis MO

The Most Dangerous Jobs in the U.S.

23 Little Internet Browsing Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

SFO near miss might have triggered ‘greatest aviation disaster in history’



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You just gotta love the entitled Millennials!

Why are so many bottles “Sqround”?

Ranking imitation butters  →  

How Stereotypically White Are You? 
My Results: ‘You’re  Not White’

Hollywood Has a Bad-Movie Problem

Movies – Behind the scenes

1000 Life Hacks

Akinator, the Web Genie can guess any famous person

America’s Venerable Food Brands Are Struggling

Guy Lays Out Elaborate Week Long Troll, And Finally Twitter Got It

The Invention of the Slinky

Stuff that actually exists… and you can buy it!



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Sweet revenge on an harassing douchbag

Every Netflix original series ranked

Meet the NYPD Bee Cop

13 Times Karma Actually Pulled Through

Meatballs: An Oral History  →  

‘Spike’ the beetle artist

31 foods that should always be kept in the fridge

How Much Ads Costs On Those Big Blue Exit Signs

‘Game of Thrones’ Is Back. Here’s Where We Left Off

Who Was the Fifth Dentist — That Didn’t Recommend Trident?

10 cool things you didn’t know you could do with Facebook Messenger




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Volvo’s self-driving cars can’t detect kangaroos

A horrible way to die

Juice on the loose!  Tropical drink flood! → 

KFC sends chicken sandwich into space

Out of control porta-potties on the attack

VWs will start talking to each other in 2019

Cool Stuff – Shut up and take my money

We could be killed with a consumer drone

Woman runs onto freeway to save runaway rooster

Golfer chased by moose on Swedish course

Heavy Truck Is Too Much for Rhode Island Highways and Bridges

How George Washington’s teeth became an American legend




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Poop Transplants, Yeah, it’s a real thing

How do you pronounce “GIF”?

Be careful what you ask for  →  

Hair Styles From The 1960s

Man investigates high water bill…

Bullet Bras Were All The Rage In The 1940s And 1950s

Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died?

Kid Locks Brother In The Gun Safe At Gander Mountain Store

Are these the WORST dating profiles ever?




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Beware of these Insane ATM Scams

It Was All a TV Dream!?!?

Stop Asking Me How I Afford to Travel

Meet Jake, the diamond dog  →  

How to drink all night and never get drunk

Quiz – Are you a pizza lover?

Why Do Coins Have Ridges?

Wanna buy Legos in bulk?

UFC Fighter’s Mid-Fight Accident

Human Foods Dogs Can And Can’t Eat!

When you hit 6 bananas in a row on Mario Cart

Sheriff to cut sentences of inmates who helped a fallen deputy

An Interactive Guide to Nutrition and the Human Body



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Future medicines in the movies

Jolly Roger – Battling scam telephone calls

The science behind Arizona’s record-setting heat wave

America’s Least Convincing Cell Phone Tower Trees  →  

Cops describe 35 damn near the perfect crimes

Amazon Prime tests try-before-you-buy option for clothes

Tourist Learns Why You Shouldn’t Take A Selfie With A Shark

10 science-backed hacks to stay cool

Navy sailor could have saved himself, chose to save his ‘kids’ or die trying

Stolen toe returned with an apology letter