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Another unhappy bumped United Airlines customer

Man Buys Tank, Finds $2.4 Mil in Gold Hidden In It

Angry man fills wife’s prized car with concrete  → 

Massive sewer clog results in prostitution arrests

It’s like tiny Bob Ross… in a can

United Airlines drag defense

Unsuspecting Woman Brings Therapy Dog to Local Furry […]

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I Hadn’t a Scooby About This One

Reasons Not To Be An Organ Donor

Man dragged off plane that was overbooked

Signs you’re dating an idiot  →  

Test Your Boob IQ With This Quiz  I got 11 of 13

Family earns $11,000 not flying Delta

Don Rickles: 10 Best Dean Martin Celebrity […]

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Pool noodles and the household problems they solve

Your Bra Sucks. This MIT Grad Is Going to Fix It

New transportation system: St. Louis to Kansas City in 23 minutes?

Five times you probably didn’t tip — but should have

Tall people problems  →  

How to Escape from Zip Ties with Shoelaces


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North Sentinel Island – The Island of Death

How to change the Subject line in Gmail

A step-by-step guide to performing CPR

How does Google Maps know where traffic Is?

Kids who didn’t want a new brother or sister → 

Things That Literally Everyone Has Done Before

 How Gross Are Your Food Habits?

Stop videos […]

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The Eruption of Mount Edgecumbe… sort of…

Found: Unworn Levi’s From 1893

How People React After 1, 2, & 3 Glasses Of Wine

Oops!  Traveler books trip to the wrong Sydney

Matching haircuts – Mom’s not happy →

Cross-Country Team Invites Shelter Dogs On Their Run

Can you dig it? Badger captured on camera […]

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A family deals with 11 yr-old twins with severe autism

Man Dressed As T-Rex Teases 500LB Alligator

USA Today ranks St. Louis Zoo the ‘Nations Best’

Arizona man got caught with his pants down → 

Cutest nternet cat video 

Tips, Tricks, And Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

When you ask the internet for help…


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A girl and her donkey friend

10 Little-Known Stories From The US Civil War

28 Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

Photoshopping Mr. Bean  →  

How Not To Make a Sign

Secrets to living past 100

Nova Scotia man’s ’Grabher’ licence plate deemed offensive

7 Random Facts You’ll Want To Tell Everyone […]

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A Streetcar Naked Desire???

17 One-Minute Hacks ToImprove Your Life 

The Joy of Dog Painting with Dog Ross → 

The 50 Tools Everyone Should Own

The 54 best comedies of all time   Some of my favorites but I disagree on order

Dogs that are trained to catch NYC rats

Coming Soon – The first […]

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Ranking fast food french fries

17 Ways Exercise Makes You a Happier Person

Skipping chemo for an end of life road trip

Dog rescued from bottom of 250 ft canyon →  

 Cloud Storage: Dropbox vs. Google Drive vs. OneDrive

A little look back at Chuck Barris’ life

Where to hide if a nuclear bomb […]

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How to turn off Windows 10 File Explorer ads

Foods you didn’t know were invented in St. Louis

Cats in boxes

Unique Hair Removal Creme Review

Fireproof Human Skulls For Your Gas Fire Pit → 

75 Spectacular Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Where loofas come from

The Red Light With a Very Long Wait


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