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This summer, O.J. Simpson is up for parole

Guy jumps out of a plane without a parachute

Meet this  7-foot-7 high school basketball player

Russians engineer a brilliant slot machine cheat

Firefall lights up Yosemite National Park  →  

Court rules a Snuggie is a blanket… for tax purposes

What time is it?


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Winners of the 2017 World Press Photo Contest

How to Get Ketchup From a Bottle…

Rio Olympic venues – six months later

WTF? is Robert Downey Jr’s dog doing?  →  

So now they say butter is actually good for you

Defining different types of headaches

Time-lapse video of pup that “didn’t have long to […]

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31 quotes that will give you chills

The scientific truth about double dipping

Family pulls no punches in Texas man’s obituary

Rare Pictures of Famous People 

Some Animals Posing → 

Always pay attention to high wind advisories

Every state ranked by how miserable its winter is

Golfer uses putter to fight gator at Florida course


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World’s Largest Hairball – Garden City, Kansas

Find the perfect dog breed for you and your family

A little black ice…

The Real Story Behind The Myth of Area 51

21 Hilarious Life Hacks That Are Ridiculously Bad → 

Talking dog engages in hilarious conversation

Why Whales Do Awesome Leaps Into the Air

A few mind-blowing […]

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Ice Cream For Breakfast May Improve Mental Performance

Bacon Reserves Are at a 50-Year Low

Dressed like a woman…  in pearls

Every state’s grossest food that everyone eats → 

Why are gas caps not on the same side of all cars?

Ransomware is about to get a lot worse…

15 bizarre flags from around […]

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Tales of the Worst Service Workers Ever

Quiz: How well do you know Donald Trump?

The 25 Dumbest Questions Teachers Ever Received

Surprising Facts about Dogs

10+ Of The World’s Best Drone Photos → 

Saudi prince buys airplane seats so he can transport his 80 falcons

Super Bowl ‘Hangovers’ (Not quite what you […]

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‘House of Cards’ teases with Inauguration Day statement

What all can Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) do?

Can you use a dead person’s finger to unlock their phone?

I better check under my mattress…

The rudest & funniest placards from the Trump protests → 

Why In America, It’s Typically Free to Go Pee

Are your turds […]

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A look at the new 2018 Ford Mustang

Sunken GoPro camera surfaces year later with a story

A portable water bottle for your dog

Burt Reynolds’ 600-hp Vintage Pontiac For Sale

Thomasson – architectural relics which serve no purpose → 

A new theory on the D.B. Cooper skyjacking case

Is Amazon moving into the autonomous vehicle […]

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Test your reaction time

Police help deer with legs caught on fence

12 myths that movies made us believe  →  

How to Clean an Oven Window

Eating Right on the Road

How To Email More Efficiently

How To Defrost Your Windshield in Less Than 60 Seconds

How to prevent smelly farts

Deer runs […]

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The Evolution of Technology Company Logos

Naked woman steals Sheriff’s vehicle (video)

The Absolute Best Documentaries on Netflix

Bikers try to remove a bike from an electric fence   →   Language NSFW

Police called to ‘stop the wind from blowing’

How some cool silent film effects were done

The Straight Men Who Made […]

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