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State by state life expectancy

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Free surprise pet with bicycle purchase

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Remote Controlled Crocodile

Top 10 Super Mario Games

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Fascinating Facts About the La Brea Tar Pits

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Check your internet speed & raise money for charity  My results   



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Flying Porta-Potties, Oh my!

Memories you may have forgotten

Average IQ Scores in All 50 States

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My Boyfriend, My Husband, and Me

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Microsoft is Redesigning the Office Ribbon



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Compare TV streaming services

When does hungry become hangry?

A Comprehensive List of Pet Peeves

Feds ease regs on magic bunnies  →  

Firefighters called to help stoned raccoon

Cali’s will vote on breaking CA into 3 states

A Complete Intro to the Wines of France

Six odd moments from the Singapore summit

Kim took his own toilet to the summit

WTF?… Who knew butt-wiping was such a problem?

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Things that warm the heart

Santa’s Elves Live in … Schenectady?

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The History of Plastic

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2 drivers got into an argument, then things got messy…

Decoding the Design History of Your Coffee Cup Lid

The table Obama and Anthony Bourdain dined at was framed in Vietnam



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The Great Wallpaper Rebellion…

Bakery censors graduation cake

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