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How far your car can drive on Empty

Wearing the right shirt at the right time

Sleeping drunk rides 14 miles on trunk of car

The changing face of New York City storefronts → 

26 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

How about a little lip art?

Russians hack slot machines – Casinos have no fix

Which iconic best friend duo are you?

Dissolving the dead – A radical alternative to burial and cremation

St. Louis Leads the Nation in Pork Steak Purchases

11-year-old claims classroom punishment violates Geneva Convention



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Meet the Tiger Woods of pole vaulting

30 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Cat found alive in floor two months after house fire

8 Projects You Can Make With an Old Hard Drive

Mixing drone footage with Photoshop  →  

20 Actors Who Turned Down Big Roles

14-year-old whiz kid graduating college

17 Teachers Who Deserve A Gold Star

Tattoo Fails Picdump 3

The biggest movie of the year you were born

My Family’s Slave

Drone pilots don’t have to register with the FAA

Why do we cook most foods at 350°?



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The coffin-like homes of Hong Kong

Bridge 2 years in the making burned by Kia

Unusual friendship between a man and an otter

Luxury car sinks into surf in photo shoot fail  →  

15 Common Misconceptions About Your Home

Crash Test – 1998 vs. 2015 Toyota Carolla

The Cooking Utensil that Woofed

21 reasons to avoid the water entirely

Apple’s New Campus: A Look Inside the Mothership

A 14,000-year-old archaeological discovery in British Columbia

Clever DIYs Every Parent Will Wish They Knew About

Hacks to keep your home organized, beautiful, and clean

Island full of garbage found in the South Pacific



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22 Odd But Brilliant Things On Amazon

Amazing data-entry skills

10 Worst Android Apps That Drain Phone Battery

Governor Schwarzenegger flipped off lawmakers  → 

Car camping tips and tricks to try

Lion fights massive crocodile to rescue brother

The Window of Bacon Fat

Motorcyclist caught in explosion after bike hits dump truck

Battling the airplane armrest bully

Dinosaur fossil so well preserved it looks like a statue

Long Lost Slang Terms for Sex

How Not To Be “That Guy” When Invited On a Friend’s Boat



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Nightmare on Chatham Street

Secrets of some of your favorite foods

Reflections on a Mother’s Day Brunch

Our Favorite Foods in Their Natural Habitats →  

Best Dog Food Reviews – 2017

10 of the best things to do with the Amazon Echo

Another airline incident but with a better ending

Kid Buried in 1800s Casket Under Home Identified

House for sale listing: ‘Don’t even ask’ about mystery tenant

Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Bottles’ Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Bill Clinton teams with James Patterson to write White House thriller

21 Things Everyone Will Probably Be Wearing Again Soon



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17 Reasons Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

How about a spoon that you can eat?

Teaching women how to pee standing up

The Off-Color Golden Arches  →  

Reports of an armed cat were unfounded

Woman eats $7,000 in cash in fight with husband

Just playing with a Craigslist scammer

10 Things That Will Soon Disappear Forever

Godfather Reunion Leads to Brando Stories, On-Set Secrets

When the Day After Friday is Friday

50 years of visionary SciFi Computer Interface Designs


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Art appreciation varies by person

Lucky saves his toy from the scary frog

Dog Restoration  From death’s door to recovery

Floyd Mayweather doesn’t believe in banks  →  

Paid to poo: Combating open defecation in India

66 massive gaffes from Prince Phillip  Some are really funny

Jenny vs. Spencer – The Dry Erase Board Feud

Tenderest steak in town

18 Shockingly Extreme Regional Differences In America

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

University Goes On Lockdown Over Hot Glue Gun

Finally, a not so bad story about an airline


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Evolution of the Home Games Console

The girl with the 6-foot arm

“Untranslatable” Emotions

McDonald’s introduces the Frork

I’d fail at whatever she’s teaching

Things that hotels don’t tell you

Step away from the juice bar

Use This Trick to Figure Out If You Smell

Bringing the Invisible to Life

Virtual-reality – a promising alternative to painkillers


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Mom texts wrong number and it escalates quickly

Gethuman.com – Faster, easier customer service

Catching a daughter doing selfies →  

40 Cleaning Hacks That Will Clean Your Car Better

Hauntingly Beautiful Famous Last Words

Recycling is in trouble — and it might be your fault

Brave Divers Save Injured Shark

Cards Against Humanity Labs – Play simulated rounds

The 20 Most Popular Books Throughout History


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9 Characters Who Disappeared With No Explanation

To Stay Married, Embrace Change

What all those buttons on your dishwasher do

Moscow’s “Rage Rooms” by the Hour  →  

Cops battle over refusal to transfer custody of suspect

Wikitribune – An attempt to combat fake news

8 Strange Amphibious Vehicles

Size comparison between the US and Australia

‘Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money’ is in the works

This is how you ‘slide’ into home plate

A building in China shaped like Star Trek’s USS Enterprise



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