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Recycling gravesites in South Australia

Watch out for those pre-packaged caramel apples

The Strangest Places To Take A Nap

20 celebrities who have weird phobias

Killers with the middle name of “Wayne”     Uh oh…My middle name is Wayne

One Woman’s Letter to Her Ex-husband’s New Wife

8 Things every couple should stop doing


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18 Moments From The Last Day Of Filming “Parenthood”

New study reveals… men are idiots

Meet the Woman Who Rescued Rudolph and Santa Claus

Seth Cohen meeting every other Seth Cohen

Create and share your personal snowflake    Jonco here

How Does Slow-Motion Video Work & How Can I Shoot It?

Employee Confessions From […]

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Winter Tip: How to Get Rid of Ice Dams

Pizza Hut’s New Doritos And Cheese Crust

El Caganer, 19-Foot Tall Defecating Giant in Barcelona

Urban Legends That are Actually True

Buildings Evacuated After Marriage Proposal Flop 

25 Most Popular Myths We Believe Are True, But Aren’t

Vase made from colored pencils

Hilarious highlights from […]

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Dogs getting stuck in things

Holiday Home Security Dos and Don’ts

Really naughty wedding announcements

20 Pictures That Require A Second Look 

Maxine’s Annual Dementia Test –  Only 4 questions

15 Fake Photos That Went Viral

25 Life Lessons From A 99-Year-Old Great-Grandpa

Woman stands up former bully on date…

How to Clear […]

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8–and-a-Half Hours of Holiday Comedies

10 TV Characters They Forgot to Write Off the Show

Brain Scans Reveal What Dogs Really Think of Us

Superman on the Screen over the Years

The hug shared around the world 

Parents use newspaper birth announcement for son’s sex change

20 Baby Names Proved To Belong To […]

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24 Kitchen Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

Fight Club – Black Friday Hall of Shame

9 of the most unusual and unique flying cars

15 Ways To Beat Procrastination

Net neutrality explained in simple terms

Girl Photoshops herself into mom’s old photos 

13 Incredibly simple food hacks

How to Make Your Last […]

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The Best TV Characters Who Never Actually Appeared on Screen

Behind the scenes of a YouTube cooking show

Have you been naughty or nice?  I got 99% nice.

EPA Barred From Getting Advice From Scientists

Raccoons being raccoons

Heartwarming Story Of Leo, A Paralyzed Puppy 

Acute Subdural Hematoma Surgery (Brain bleeding)

Perfect Wish […]

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A time capsule in a kitchen

Got Milk? It might not be so good for you

Barbie for the real world

On Education: WTF is wrong with Americans?

Hotel “fines” couple $156 for bad online review

13 Funny Food and Life Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

50 Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of the Star Wars […]

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How To Have A Perfectly Productive Home Office

What’s your Super Villain Name and Title?

Wherever he goes, he’s Santa

Wind Map shows you the wind flowing over the US.

Now, that’s what you call a cheeseburger! 

FBI: Violent crime drops, reaches 1970s level

Tony Hawk Rides World’s First Real Hoverboard

What […]

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Auntie Fee’s Holiday Cooking –  Language NSFW

33 clever ways to store your shoes

15 cute child actors that puberty got the best of

Type like a computer hacker

Teacher wears same outfit in yearbook photo for 40 years 

Mantiques: A Manly Guide to Cool Stuff

Airline passenger shamed

It looks like a […]

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