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Snake with feet found in the Philippines

10 Horrifying Secrets About The Biggest Loser

Things you don’t know about flight attendants

How about a Pitt Bull Dachshund mix?  

What Would Happen if the Sun Disappeared?

Remind me to never eat at this restaurant

Why the National Anthem is always lip-synced now

24 […]


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Snowstorms, Then and Now

Drone view of Auschwitz concentration camp

An aspirin a day: Does it really help?

A WIFI egg tray to tell you how many eggs you have left

Kids Who Are Hilariously Picky Eaters 

Idiots Think They Can Take On Deadly Animals

A guide to blocking obnoxious ‘friends’ on […]


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The latest on the Blizzard in New England

Who vs. Whom: It’s Not as Complicated as You Think

New Earth-like planet discovered in another constellation

Plugin That Shows Where Politicians Get Their Funding

13 Amazing Food and Life Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Safety First???   25 Crazy People 

A little Redneck […]


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7 Jaw-Dropping Hawaii Spots Where Time Stands Still

21 Purchases Drunk Self Bought For Sober Self

Nauseated vs. nauseous – Are you using those words correctly

New book about the bizarre world of Floyd Mayweather

Man Hilariously Photoshops Himself Into Stock Images 

SkyMall files Chapter 11 bankruptcy – Things we’ll […]


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Inside a Crematorium – The Cremation Process    View at your discretion

How To Change Your Attitude When You Can’t Change Your Situation

Healthiest Sleeping Positions

20 Bars To Drink In Before You Die  

The 10 best features of the new Windows 10

10+ Sites To Find The Perfect Free Printable Calendar Templates

For Sufferers […]


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A drone interceptor to kill an intruding drone

3D Fibonacci Sculptures Come To Life Under Strobe Lights

21 Jobs Your Guidance Counselor Never Told You About 

Insane Facts About Mexican Drug Cartels

Double negatives are a big No-No

The effects of fast food on the body

A parasitic worm that can invade […]


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Ten cars you’ll see in Cuba

25 Things You Didn’t Know About “Pulp Fiction”

The Most Extreme Tribal Traditions Still Practiced Today

Use your phone’s camera to translate signs in real time 

What’s the proper way to poop?

25 1–star reviews people left at tourist attractions

10 Stupid Life Hacks That Failed

Breathtaking […]


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10 Fun Moments from Drew Carey’s Hosting The Late Late Show

11 Food Hacks That Will Change Everything

Now you can weigh yourself before and after a poop

A list of The Best Websites On The Internet

New Names For Everyday Objects That Make Sense 

The 3-Second Pause That Can Save a Morning… […]


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How Often You Really Need To Shower

Google’s translation technology just got a huge upgrade

The United States of Alcohol map

Terrifying Yet Interesting Facts That Are Actually True 

Very First Taco Bell Building May Be Demolished

Tying the Knot: A Guide to Tying Knots for Every Occasion

132-Year-Old Winchester Rifle Found […]


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15 Uses For Bubble Wrap You Never Thought Of

Science Confirms The Bigger The Belly, The Better The Lover

Awesome Things you can do with Silica Gel

Guy skips work for 24 years, gets fired  … Too soon?

Lake Resia, The Sunken Town Where You’ll Walk On Water 

Matthew McConaughey’s audition tape for ‘Dazed […]

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