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Who vs. Whom: It’s Not as Complicated as You Might Think

Dramatic attempted robbery at gunpoint captured on GoPro

13 Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong

Simple Riddles – How many can you solve? 

Stand Up and Join the Urination

Stop talking about the iPhone 6 and start talking about this?

A [...]

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Florida [...]

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You’re not gonna want to eat this

Looks like somebody doesn’t like somebody

The Breakfast Club – Then and Now

The story behind the epic Clydesdale ad 

Isn’t it time to Make Everything OK?

Getting Loaded –  One  Two  Three

13 Unintentionally Inappropriate Drawings by Kids

A Rube Goldberg Machine Powered by Light [...]

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Union Station Kansas City – The Monument Comes Alive

13 of the World’s Most Disgusting Jobs

26 Things That Happen When You’re Not Wearing A Bra

If aliens discovered these photos…

OK woman claims spaghetti strainer as religious headwear

Ant problem? How to get rid of ants overnight

8 Brilliant Ice Cube Tray [...]

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22 Foods You’ve Been Eating The Wrong Way

3 Netflix secrets you need to know

“The Little Rascals” Movie Poster – 20 Years Later

Unnecessary explosions placed in gifs 

5 rules for commenting on a woman’s appearance

Occupations with high rates of substance abuse

7 Signs You’re Becoming an Adult

We [...]

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Attack of the terrifying swan

500 passwords you should never, ever use

9 Cringe-Inducing GIFs of People Eating Cactus

Poor Dogs Saved By Strangers 

Funny and Bizarre Vintage Album Covers

His and Hers Outfits From The 1970s

Charlie Sheen Found Alive – Aged 48

Who’s Playing Who? Visualizing the 2014 NFL [...]

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If You’re Only Going To Read One Thing Today, Read This Update: Snopes says this is false

Here’s the video of the bird feeding the dog some biscuits

10 Actors Who Killed People in Real Life

A few shocked and funny dogs 

10 Craziest Fair Foods

Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome


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What the world needs now…

The United Sweets of America  Gooey Butter Cake for Missouri

A very thankful … and cool kid

10 facts that put into perspective just how small Ireland is

23 Toilets You Absolutely Must Use Before You Die 

Secret Cold War bunker hidden inside the Brooklyn Bridge

The Weirdest [...]

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20 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Level of Insanity

Robert Downey Jr. – A Hero in this woman’s eyes

17 Facts About The Harlem Globetrotters

Artist creates most frustrating products imaginable 

Smoker’s lung vs. Healthy lung

9 Things You Never Knew About Mr. Bean

5 apps that make you say ‘wow’

28 Magical Paths [...]

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5 ways to raise ALS awareness without dumping ice on your head

David Letterman Honors Robin Williams With Moving Tribute

14 Hilariously Dirty News Headlines

Things we need that haven’t been invented yet 

Man Fakes Own Death to Avoid Upcoming Wedding

Why You Shouldn’t Ask A Chinese Photoshop Expert For Help

Top [...]

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