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25 Pictures That Will Teach You Something

Man Dies In Haunted House, Mistaken For Prop For 2 Weeks

Ambulance Drone brings a flying defibrillator

Fast food even faster –  Taco Bell –  McDonalds

2014 World Beard and Moustache Championships 

Nothing bleats this yelling goat Taylor Swift remix

Canadian Mosque Vandalized… and then this happened


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Tragic First World Problems

21 Mark Twain Quotes

Creepy, Two-Sentence Stories  

How Zombies Work

Hello, this is AT&T…

People Who Quit Like A Boss

How Much a Bottle of Jack Costs in Every State

Popular Halloween Costumes of the Last 25 Years

The 10 Halloween Costume Mistakes You’ll Make

21 Horror Stories Told [...]

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How old is your hearing?  I have the hearing of a 62 year old

Record breaking balloon jump from 25 miles above earth

How you and the world have changed since you were born

Simple But Ingenious Life-Changing Ideas

20 Celebrities and Their Historical Twins 

21 Shocking Expiration Dates

21 Wikipedia Pages [...]

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10 Ways Sleeping Without Clothes Can Benefit You

Wherever There’s Food, There’s a Pug

Morning rush hour in Yellowstone National Park

Property buyer gets a surprise bonus

Animals that accidentally saw you naked

Celebrity Stylist Takes Manscaping To Next Level  

Learn These 10 Tricks To Be The Smartest Person In The [...]

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Bizarre Chinese Tourist Behavior PSA

How to Make a “Go Bag”

Why can you sometimes see the moon during the day?

Moss Graffiti – Grow your own graffiti  

Air Umbrella Creates “Force Field” To Keep You Dry 

10 Awesome Snapping Turtle Facts

MO couple’s dream home built on wrong lot


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20 WTF Products That Really Shouldn’t Exist

Creative Solutions To First World Problems

Recipe: Bourbon Cough Syrup for Grownups

Ripping a page from the devil’s playbook  

Saving a 375 lb bear – Don’t try this at home

Woman in comma feared brain dead, but she was NOT

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone [...]

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The Rise of the Hactivist –  All hackers are bad guys

Living in poverty on $5,000 a year and loving it

31 Useful Gadgets That Might Even Change Your Life

You can buy Pre-Stained Underwear  

Where Does Unclaimed Baggage Go?

Haunting Effects of The Greenhouse Effect In Greenland

These six diseases should worry [...]

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Computer Hardware Connections Chart

5 Films BETTER than the Books they’re Based On

Apparently Columbus was an asshole

Panorama photos gone wrong  

How “Normal” Is Your Drinking?

Deep Fried Tequila Shots 

Creating a Distinctive Signature

Wrapped in Plastic: Preparing for Ebola

When 800,000 bees attack…

5 Verb Mistakes You Should Stop Making [...]

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When no one else will have you…

Mona Lisa through the ages

50 Fictional Places You Can Actually Visit

Proof that cats are evil  

What’s your Hillbilly name?     Beau here!

30 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Would you wear condom PANTS?

Why does coffee make your breath so bad?

13 Signs You’re The [...]

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Really cool collection of old photos by Dave Gelinas

Why cops shoot guys with knives   (Graphic)

Why kids cry  

The crap we put up with getting on and off an airplane

Shadows That Tell A Different Story

10 of the most unusual vintage microcars

24 unusual beaches you’ve never heard of

32 Tricks [...]

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