“Snatch a knot in their ass”

While reading a story about the healthcare debate I ran across this clip…

“Someone needs to go over there and snatch a knot in their ass” is a completely new phrase to me.  It made me ALOL (Actually Laugh Out Loud) when I heard it.  I had to Google the term and found this article.  ‘Snatch a knot in their ass’ explained.

Apparently, it’s a regional term heard mostly in the South, originating in Georgia.  It has the same meaning as ‘opening a can of Whoop Ass’ on someone, I guess.  

While I’m sure congressman Buddy Carter would say he didn’t really hope someone physically beats a fellow congressman for voting a particular way and I don’t want to get into an argument over the healthcare fiasco, I just found the term interesting.  

I wonder what other regional terms there are for starting a fight.  

Note: this post is about slang language, not about the democrats vs. republicans.  One-sided political comments will be deleted.  You’re welcome to post opinions on the B&P Lounge Page as long as their done civilly and don’t attack other commenters personally.