A tour of accents across the British Isles

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Wonder if there’s a US version of this.


Avoid using the word “very”…

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What Languages Sound Like To Foreigners

Oh, by the way, it’s all gibberish.

Read all about it.


Tell me all the “bad words” you know…

Probably NSFW


Oh, how hard it is to speak Spanish!

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Typo or Gangsta Talk?



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I’m not slurring my words…



A list of unpaired words

Reddit has a post about unpaired words that asks the question: Why is “nonchalant” a word, but “chalant” is not? Are there other English words like this?  It is pointed out that grruntles is a word and it means ‘pleased’, so you can be gruntled.

debunk defenestrate dejected disconsolate disdain disgruntled dishevelled dismayed disrupt [...]

Amazing Tongue Twister Rap



Die professionelle OBD2 Werkzeuge Anbieter in Deutschland (Auto Diagnostic Tools)