Workers drop 100 year-old statue

This is the moment workers tried to move a 100-year-old statue – and dropped it!

Footage of the Belgian crew’s disastrous attempt to move the monument appeared on YouTube yesterday.

The film shows the workers try to lift the stone statue from it’s plinth using a hoist

But it slips through the attached guide ropes and crashes to the ground, breaking into pieces in the process.


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How spitting cobras shoot for the eyes

Spitting_cobraBruce Young from the University of Massachusetts is antagonising a spitting cobra. He approaches, keeping outside of the snake’s strike radius, while moving his head from side to side. The cobra doesn’t like it and erects its hood in warning. Young persists, and the snake retaliates by launching twin streams of venom at him from forward-facing holes in its fangs. The aim is spot-on: right at Young’s eyes. Fortunately, he is wearing a Perspex visor that catches the spray; without it, the venom would start destroying his corneas, giving him minutes to seek medical aid before permanent blindness set in.

But, how does the cobra do that?  Read on.

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Dolphins evolved from land animals…

…predators resembling wolves.

When most people think of evolution they picture fish sprouting legs and walking on land. Dolphins don’t give a crap what most people think. They’ve seen land and had legs and decided all that was for sissies. No, the dolphin’s level of badassery was far too great to be restricted by gravity. And since air is basically just an incredibly more boring version of water, the dolphin chose to evolve back into a sea creature and see what chaos it could unleash in the murky depths of the scary, unforgiving ocean.

Dolphin embryo
As you can see from the picture above, all four limbs are still quite visible in the dolphin’s embryonic stage.

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Sportsmanship at its best

Western Oregon Sara Tucholsky hit her first career HR with the help from Central Washington – ultimate sportsmanship. She tore her ACL running back to 1st as she missed it initially. Ump she if didn’t run the bases by herself, the HR wouldn’t count. If her teammates touched her, it would be void.
The opposing team saw her pain and did the unexpected, they picked her up and helped her touch each base.
Central Washington lost the game, 4-2

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