Plot spreadsheet addresses on a map

Spreadsheets are the best way to gather and organize information in standard form. If you’ve got a whole host of options to keep track of in different locations, the clever Maps/spreadsheet mashup BatchGeo will take your spreadsheet and plot it out across a Google Map. Simply paste your spreadsheet data, and BatchGeo standardizes the addresses and creates a custom My Map, filled with your locations and each one retaining the other data you plugged in about it. It’s a fast way to make it look like you did a whole bunch of work, and that’s never a bad thing. And while it’s not technically a Google Maps feature, we think it should be.

I tried it with a standard address list in Excel.  I just copied the data and pasted it into BatchGeo and presto.

Batchgeo map
Map pushpins are clickable and show pertinent info.  Very easy to use.

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Bits and Pieces – The movie

Julie C. writes:
A long long time ago, I was searching on the web for the quilt shop:  Bits and Pieces – but I’d found your website instead  ( – and it’s still there!)  And I’ve read it and its new incarnation(s) since then.

The other day, you posted a cute dog video of  a dog dancing for bits; so, for the heck of it, I google searched for any video called Bits and Pieces.  (Oddly enough, I finally found the quiltshop, and the video of the Dave Clark Five singing) – but also a film short I thought you’d like::

Thanks for the all work you do – hugs to Gus & Trixie!

– Julie

Thanks Julie –  I love it!