Flaming Tar Barrels of Ottery St. Mary

Once a year in a small English town, men, women & children carry flaming barrels on their heads and run through packed streets.

Thanks  Russ


Man dancing on treadmill

Thanks Miss Silver

I do my best to stay upright on the treadmill… and with both hands on the side rails.


Don’t go beating your phone battery

Read all about it.


Bug-A-Salt Rifle

$40  –  Get yours here.


Demolition Debris Nearly Kills Spectator



Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

John Green’s take on health care costs in the U.S..


JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot

Read all about it


One small step into history – 45 years ago today


Fight or Flight

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

But… how does it end?


Why pay artists?

Thanks Anton


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