This Biker Chick Takes Littering VERY Seriously


Protect Your ATM Code From Being Stolen


Thanks Annie

 I guess they still need to get your card or account number to make this work.


Gate of Tools

My friend Bob of Olathe Kansas built this gate from old tools he welded onto sliding barn door hardware to cover the area below the deck on his house.  Click images to enlarge.

Bob writes:

I got all the tools from an artist that was moving away and couldn’t take the [...]

How to remember pi


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Inside the new 1 World Trade Center

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Top 15 names of crazy people

Thanks Cathy

I have no idea how this was compiled but use it at your own risk.


How 9/11 was reported in real time

Live uncut news footage from 6 different news stations (NBC, CBS, BBC, CNN, FOX, ABC) which aired on the morning of 9/11/01. All the footage is synced and starts at 8:48 am. The audio highlights different stations throughout the video so that we get an overview of the reporting as a whole.

Read [...]

Minimalist Toilet

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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