What a beautiful world it would be…

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100-year-old woman sees the ocean for the first time

Read all about it.

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What’s on your clipboard?

Every once in a while we ask what’s on your clipboard?  It’s always gotten a good response and it been very interesting.

So today we ask again…

What’s on your clipboard?

Paste the contents of your clipboard in a comment below by pressing CTRL+V  (Command+ V on a Mac).

You can add an […]

Keeping memories alive

Memory keepsake pillows created from clothing of a loved one that has become an angel.


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Charitable Beard Competition Is Like A Dog Show For Men


Top Ten September Wins

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Here it is in slo-mo

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Artistic Haircuts

A few more here.


Marine Rescues Brothers – Prank it FWD

Greg Benson posts a lot of fun and yes, silly pranks that we’ve posted here on B&P.  He’s done some other Prank it FWD’s in the past and this one is no exception.

Hats off to you Greg!


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