Amazing DIY Scum Removing Cleaner

If you’re looking for an Amazingly Effortless Scum removing cleaner recipe, look no further. This super simple, dirt cheap cleaner removes the scuzziest of grime without ANY elbow power- and what’s better than that? It’s Environmentally Friendly to boot!You’ll need:

1/2 c. of Dawn Dish soap (Original) Don’t waste your time with the [...]

Never buy paint for your kids



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$2 DIY Phone Speakers


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Penny In Yo Pants – Bike Riding with a skirt hack

Here’s an  easy solution to making your skirt bikeable.

Read all about it.

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How To Make Your Own Fireworks



How to Peel a Bag of Potatoes in Under a Minute

All you need is… A Power Drill, Bucket and Toilet Brush (hopefully a new one).



The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake


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YouTube Tip

YouTube has made it so you can’t copy the About (or description) section under any YouTube video.  I do this often when posting a YouTube video when I want to add some info about the video to the post. 

There is a way around this though.  If you right-click the About section and select Translate [...]

10 Life-Changing Life Hacks

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Crazy Russian Hacker – How to tie a tie

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