Gus and Trixie Playtime

Here’s a short video of Gus and Trixie playing.  It’s very unusual for Gus to do that.
(Note:  I added another short clip I didn’t realize I took)  When Gus is done, he’s done.

We were cleaning up in the garage and I heard what I thought was Trixie scuffling and lightly growling like she does when she plays with a toy.  I looked over at her and saw them wrestling playfully. I know most people will think, ‘so what’ but Gus rarely plays like that and it tickled me.  I wish I had caught more of it but they finished not long after I got my phone out to record.



I can relate to this…

At about 4:15 this morning Gus gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom where his food station is.  I assumed he was going to get a drink of water.  I heard what I thought was him coughing and he came into my view from a different angle than the water bowl. That’s not a good sign.  Then he kept walking around in the bathroom and I barely saw him stooping down to drop a fresh, warm Christmas present onto the floor. 

Two factors kept me from rushing him out the bedroom door so he could go outside and do his business there.  One… Gus is all but deaf, so my hollering at him to get his attention was pretty useless.  Two… Since Christmas Day I’ve been hobbling around with a sore and swollen left foot.  Not sure what’s going on with that until I go to the doctor on Thursday morning.  But my number two prevented me from getting up fast enough to prevent Gus from doing his number two. 

I hobbled to my feet and opened the door to let Gus go outside while I went in to clean up his number two and saw that he had puked on one of the throw rugs in the bathroom.  He goes out the doggie door and I’m still cleaning up his mess. I get done with that and go wait for him to come back inside.  Unbeknownst to me he had already come back inside and headed to the family room, the only room with carpeting in our house. I’m waiting for him to come through the doggy door and here he comes behind me from the family room. I’m smart enough to go in there and check and sure enough, he had thrown up in there.  So I gather some rug shampoo and paper towels and get down to clean that mess up. It didn’t take long but I had trouble getting back up.  I can’t put any pressure on the ball of my left foot and was in a position where it was difficult to maneuver myself to a better position in order to get up.  After a moment or two of laughing at myself, I was able to get up and finally went back to bed.  I laid awake for a couple hours before I was able to finally get another hour of sleep.



Kicking my way out of a fight

I had this younger acquaintance that just kept bothering me one day a few weeks ago.  He just seemed like he wanted to start trouble with me.  He argued with everything I said and found fault with everything I did.  

Normally I would go out of my way to avoid a confrontation, but It wasn’t long until I had had enough of his bullying attitude.  He started insulting my family and we got into a scuffle.  A little push here and a little tug there and after a few cutting insults it wasn’t long before we were all hands on. With me being an old man and him quite a bit my junior I was surprisingly holding my own as we wrestled to the ground.  I kept trying to get away and he was trying to pin me down.

At one point he had me on my back and his knees were almost pinned to my shoulders but I was able to push him off balance and he fell backward.  I was struggling to get back onto my feet and he kept grabbing at my legs hindering my efforts.  I was sort of on my right side so I pulled my left leg up towards my chest and gave my opponent a decent kick, or push trying to force him away.

I awoke suddenly to the thud of Gus landing on the floor obviously wondering, ‘what the hell did I do?’,  as the fleeting image of my opponent quickly faded from my mind as I exited dream-state. Gus had been sleeping at the foot of the bed and got the surprise of his life a moment before.  I jumped up as soon as I realized what had happened.  He was just standing on the floor with a puzzled look on his face. I felt terrible!  Horrible!  Awful!  I checked him over and he seemed fine and he got back on the bed, but he did more over closer to the other side.

He was quick to make up with me and we’re best buddies again.  He was right back to sleeping at the foot of the bed the next night.



Daddy’s Home

I made it home about noon today from a week long trip to Florida and this was my greeting….

I live close to the Meramec River just south of St. Louis and I have to cross that river to get home.  There are like 3 or 4 bridges that cross the river without going more than a hundred-plus mile detour.  Most of those were closed yesterday but the water had receded enough to let them reopen the interstate this morning.  M7y flight got in at 10 am so it was just in time.

This is where the water flooded the interstate and closed it down for a day. The actual river is way in the back behind the white billboard.