Pups at rest

Trixie had a pretty good night, all things considered. Her anesthesia has pretty much worn off. She’s now on pain medication and antibiotics to fight the infection. She tried to eat a little but was having trouble keeping food in her mouth last night.  She did a little better this morning.  I put her meds in some cheese and that seems to work.  There was a little bleeding last night but that seems to have stopped. Occasionally she moans but for the most part, is doing really well.  




Trixie – Stoned after surgery

Trixie had oral surgery today.  She was due for a cleaning and a couple of extractions but after they put her under anesthesia they discovered a gum infection and many bad teeth.  They ended up extracting 24 teeth.  She was so high when I picked her up that her tongue was hanging out the side of her mouth. You can kind of see it there under her facial hair.  Her little tail wagged a little when I picked her to carry her to the car but that was the only sign of the Trix I know. We have pain meds and antibiotics for her infection.

She has walked around a little and tried to eat but couldn’t keep anything in her mouth. There’s a little bleeding still.  She sleeping on the bed now.



Miss Trixie

It was 8 years ago this month when Trixie came into our life.  We’d had Gus for about 6 months and he had quite a few issues with having been a stud at a puppy mill for his five years previous.  He had lived in a cage for most of that time from what we know and he really didn’t know how to be a dog. He had issues going in and out of doors. He was constantly spooked by noises and items not in their place.  If a trash can was moved to a slightly different position he would go way out of his way to get around it if he would do it at all. 

Gus got along well with other dogs but was leery of people.  You had to approach him slowly and be very patient with him.  His tail rarely wagged and would be tucked under his cute little butt most of the time.

I had seen a photo of a dog that had been picked up as a stray in a neighboring town and brought to my local shelter and was in danger of being put down because no one had wanted her.  I decided to go to the shelter and first saw this hyper little girl who would soon be known as Trixie.  She couldn’t calm down as was so excited to be out of the pen at the shelter. She took to me almost immediately. The gal that ran the shelter was very nice and said I could get Trixie for free if I promised to get her shots and have her fixed. I was worried that she wouldn’t get along with Gus and was hoping I wouldn’t have to bring her back to what might be her final days.

It was an excellent move on my part.  She’s my constant companion following me everywhere I go as long as I let her.  She has also been instrumental in teaching Gus how to be a dog. His tail wags when we come home now, though I’m not always sure he knows why. Gus follows Trixie around and has finally been using the doggy door on his own whenever he wants or needs to go outside. Gus is going deaf and in some ways, that’s a good thing because it’s less likely something will startle him. He still has no interest in dog toys or balls like Trixie or other dogs.  He’ll never be “normal” but he’s come a long, long way.  And much of that is thanks to Trixie. 

Gus will be 14 this summer and Trixie is about 10 or 11 years old.  




Dapper Dog – I took Gus to the groomer for the first time on Tuesday.

Trixie’s Perch – Trixie lounging on my legs straddled between two chairs.  She’d stay there as long as I’d let her.

Meet Beans – My new granddog came over tonight for his first visit.  All three dogs got along just fine.  Beans is a German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix and is a little over 6 weeks old.



Gus and Trixie Playtime

Here’s a short video of Gus and Trixie playing.  It’s very unusual for Gus to do that.
(Note:  I added another short clip I didn’t realize I took)  When Gus is done, he’s done.

We were cleaning up in the garage and I heard what I thought was Trixie scuffling and lightly growling like she does when she plays with a toy.  I looked over at her and saw them wrestling playfully. I know most people will think, ‘so what’ but Gus rarely plays like that and it tickled me.  I wish I had caught more of it but they finished not long after I got my phone out to record.



I can relate to this…

At about 4:15 this morning Gus gets off the bed and goes into the bathroom where his food station is.  I assumed he was going to get a drink of water.  I heard what I thought was him coughing and he came into my view from a different angle than the water bowl. That’s not a good sign.  Then he kept walking around in the bathroom and I barely saw him stooping down to drop a fresh, warm Christmas present onto the floor. 

Two factors kept me from rushing him out the bedroom door so he could go outside and do his business there.  One… Gus is all but deaf, so my hollering at him to get his attention was pretty useless.  Two… Since Christmas Day I’ve been hobbling around with a sore and swollen left foot.  Not sure what’s going on with that until I go to the doctor on Thursday morning.  But my number two prevented me from getting up fast enough to prevent Gus from doing his number two. 

I hobbled to my feet and opened the door to let Gus go outside while I went in to clean up his number two and saw that he had puked on one of the throw rugs in the bathroom.  He goes out the doggie door and I’m still cleaning up his mess. I get done with that and go wait for him to come back inside.  Unbeknownst to me he had already come back inside and headed to the family room, the only room with carpeting in our house. I’m waiting for him to come through the doggy door and here he comes behind me from the family room. I’m smart enough to go in there and check and sure enough, he had thrown up in there.  So I gather some rug shampoo and paper towels and get down to clean that mess up. It didn’t take long but I had trouble getting back up.  I can’t put any pressure on the ball of my left foot and was in a position where it was difficult to maneuver myself to a better position in order to get up.  After a moment or two of laughing at myself, I was able to get up and finally went back to bed.  I laid awake for a couple hours before I was able to finally get another hour of sleep.