Trixie’s Perch

Trixie sits on the couch where she can look out the window and see what’s going on in the neighborhood.  Little does she know that her perch will be moved to the family room once its rehab is finished later this week.


Gus & Trixie on the move

I took Gus and Trixie to the new house after we signed all the papers. They both love to go out and go for a ride. 

While we were loading the truck Trixie jumped up in there and was ready to go.  She didn’t want to come out.  Click on images to [...]

Dashing through the snow…


Trixie cautiously inspecting the ruler stuck in the snow to measure the accumulation.  She loved the snow.  Gus, not so much.


Deer Trio


Moments ago this trio of deer strolled down my street and past my house.  Gus, who rarely is anywhere but on my bed during the day, happened to be lying on the landing to the upstairs of my house.  That position affords a pretty good view through the window in the front door [...]

Gus – Master of Taking It Easy

Gus relaxes in the chair as the family plays cards.


Jonco and kids enjoy the baseball game

Trixie and Gus relax as we watch the baseball game Wednesday night.  It was a good night to watch baseball as the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Division Series over the Pittsburgh Pirates.  You have to give the Pirates credit for a great season this year.  Now on to battle the Dodgers [...]

Trixie – My Laptop Dog

Trixie laying on the arm of the loveseat with her head on a laptop computer on the end table. 

Here’s another shot taken a few minutes earlier.  She seems to be creeping over a tiny bit at a time.



Petswitch – Put your face on your pet

This is a morph of me and Trixie.  That’s one shady looking character.

All you need is a photo of your pet’s face and one of your face.



Two Dog Night

A Three Dog Night if you count Dad.

Gus and Trixie relax on Dad’s lap after a grueling Mother’s Day gathering.


Cake of Gus



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