Friday Firesmith – Of Chopsticks and Missiles

Friday firesmithA friend of mine helped manage a Chinese restaurant and the deal was all-you-can-eat for a certain price. Well, as it turns out, there were people who would come in and eat and eat and eat. Then they would sit around and talk, laugh, and drink free refills of coffee for hours on end. Then, as the dinner menu was rolled out they would begin to feed again. All the while they would spend four or five hours in the restaurant without a care in the world. My friend helped devise a system where lunch was served at one price dinner at another and at two in the afternoon, lunch was cut off. Some of the diehard feeders complained loudly about this but they were escorted to the door.

Our government has become a lot like the diehard feeders. Unrestrained gluttony for tax dollars as resulted in some rather bizarre behavior. The hammers that cost seven hundred dollars and the twenty thousand dollar toilet seats are all bad enough, but now we’re beginning to develop weapons of war that go looking for trouble even if there isn’t any we can find on our own. The The X-47B is the first remote controlled drone that is as large as a full sized fighter aircraft.  Click image below to enlarge.

X47bIt features full stealth technology and it can be launched from an aircraft carrier with the help of a remote controlled device attached to the forearm of its handler. Once in the air it not only can and will act with autonomy as far as flying is concerned, it can also process and select its own targets for photography or war. In short, the machine can shoot at what it decides it will shoot at whether it is shooting with a camera or a missile.

The problem here is one of gluttony. These drones costs millions of dollars each, the programming for them costs millions of dollars, the software is expensive and the security of each of them is going to really eat into someone’s buffet lunch money. Somehow, like a Chinese restaurant that charges extra for the dinner menu, they have to justify the cost. In the Yoo So Fukd buffet, they might offer Crab Legs as well as MSG laden noodles and fried everything. In the world of Drones and Missiles they have to find a way to keep feeding. They only way to justify weapons of war is to have a war.

The American public turned hard and nasty against a possible war in Syria and the people who were already gearing up for profit there were chased out of the restaurant before they could go back for a fourth helping of golden egg drop soup. We must now consider where they plan their next meal. Snowden and Bradley, traitors they might both be, have taught us all valuable lessons as to who the government is watching and how we are being watched.

If you think the next war cannot happen here you aren’t paying attention to their target audience.

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