11 Reasons Grandpa’s phone was better than yours

Phone211. Zero charge time, infinite talk and standby time.

10. Impossible to lose or misplace.   

9. Built bicep strength with prolonged use.  

 8. Always perfect reception within its coverage area (the kitchen).   

7. You could dial it while holding the receiver to your ear.   

6. Distinctive ringtone audible everywhere in the house.   

5. Simple, easy-to-understand rate plan with full carrier subsidy.   

4. Pleasant and firm tactile feedback for every digit dialed.   

3. Elegant, timeless design that never went out of style.   

2. Much more effective for hammering nails and bludgeoning robbers.   

1. Worked reliably for 27 years without replacement—or even, as far as I know, a single repair.

Thanks Mike F