The Jules Blattner Story

A controversial St. Louis musician who gained fame with some of his antics and some damn good music played at local high schools and teen towns passed away last weekend.

Jules Blattner is a rock & roll original, from a town that spawned one of the great founding rock & roll originals, Chuck Berry. Born in St. Louis, MO, in 1941, he was a young teenager when the music caught on, and was already making plans to do something with it when the music began roaring up the chart in 1955. At age 15, in 1956, he organized his first group, Jules Blattner & the Teen Tones. Evidently, they were the first rock & roll band (or, at least, the first white rock & roll band) ever seen in the area, made of kids from around there (and so young that Blattner‘s mother drove them to their gigs in the early days), and they had the field to themselves. And for quite a while, on that lower end of the rock & roll business, they cleaned up, playing hundreds of local shows over the next few years.