Drinking Problem

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Good as new

Thanks Rich


Feeling Sick?



A cop pulled me over once…


Thanks Jodi P


When the beach is too crowded…

Rita S writes…

Hi Jonco! I’m a fan of Bits and Pieces and I follow it for some years now. I’m sending you this email because today I came across the image I’m sending you, hoping that it can be published in B&P. It’s quite hot here in Portugal, and maybe the beach (which [...]

The Worst First Pitch of This Year

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Snooze button for cat owners

Thanks Keith



Photobombing is fun

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Russian Hat

Oops… That should be Russian Cat

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


I think I’ll kick him while he’s down…

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


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