Friday Firesmith – The Future: What do You Want To See?

I remember Skype-ing at a friend’s house and this was her first glimpse of her new grandson. She had her big screen television connected to her computer and so we were talking to the parents of the baby through the computer but looking at the images on a television with a surface area larger […]


Friday Firesmith – Joe Could Throw

As you lay sleeping in your bed at night there is another world that is up and jumping. I’m one of those night sleepers now but there for a very long time I spent most of my waking hours after midnight and saw many a sunrise as I was just winding down a bit. […]


Friday Firesmith – Multiple Dogs

In case you’ve never owned more than one dog you really should. Dogs like to be in the company of others dogs as much, and sometimes more, than they love to be around us humans. I didn’t want to have two dogs because I couldn’t afford the one I had, but that dog went […]


Friday Firesmith – The Death of Robin Williams

This is my third attempt at writing about the death of Robin Williams. This is more than just the admiration of an actor or a comic. This is more than some treatise on the perils of long term drug abuse. And there have been far too many, lately, streams of media who have listed […]


Friday Firesmith – Minimum Rage

As a teenager I worked in the field during the Summer. Local farmers would hire their neighbor’s kids to give them something to do before school started again and usually would work them like slaves for next to nothing in pay. When we weren’t working there was this tradition of kids being loaned out […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of the Israelis

There are two sides to every story and the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians have more angles to it than a meth addicted used car salesman trying to shilling condoms in a convent during Holy Mass. The conflict over there it is nasty and both sides hate each other with a passion. […]


Friday Firesmith – The Garden Of Even

My first harvest of 2014.  Click to enlarge.

My first garden went very well excpet that it was pot. The plant grew to about six feet tall before I hacked it down and tried to dry it out and smoke it. I got a buzz, a really good buzz, but it took […]


Friday Firesmith – Traffic Flow

It more than a little freaks me out when someone gets too close to me in traffic. Okay, I’m cool with the idea when I pull up to traffic lights there are going to be other cars there. That’s a given. Of course, once this happens I realize that most of the other drivers […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins Of The Salt Lake City Police Department

As a gun owner I am acutely aware of the power my firearms possess. There are inherently dangerous. When I put my hand on one of my guns there is a pretty damn good reason for me to do so. I have large dogs. My large dogs will tell me when someone is here […]


Friday Firesmith – 4th of July

When the United States Marine Corps landed on Guadalcanal in 1942 there was a very high expectation of failure. No one had stopped the Imperial Japanese Army. No one had taken one square meter of land away from them that they had occupied. No one had been able to find a way to even […]

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