Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Arizona

 There are those people who are gay. There are those who hate people who are gay. Let’s suppose, just for the sake of argument, that the number of people who are gay and those people who hate gay people, are equal in number. With me?

Now, let us suppose there are people [...]

Friday Firesmith – Venom and Verses

I get a lot of negative attention because I make fun of those who take their religion far too seriously, and I’m good with that. But here is what happens to people who reach deep down and feel as if they have to prove to the world the creator of the universe speaks to [...]

Friday Firesmith – Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a brilliant actor. He outright owned the movie “Capote” and that got him an Oscar. But his work was equally stunning in the movie “Doubt” which is my favorite of all time. His frenetic but loveable character in “Twister” was one to remember. He seemed to play characters who were [...]

Friday Firesmith – It’s a Guy Thing

I don’t do a lot of the guy things that other Southern men do. I don’t go fishing. I don’t go hunting. I’m as handy at fixing things as I am with brain surgery.  I really don’t give a damn about cars.  I do like big dogs. I like to drink beer. I think [...]

Friday Firesmith – It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

There are days when you have to wonder what people were thinking before they did what they did and there are days when you know they were not thinking when they did what they did. Back in High School one of the coaches noticed there were far too many fireant hills in the field [...]

Friday Firesmith – Russel Johnson’s Island

“Gilligan’s Island” was one of the shows I grew up with. In our little neighborhood there was no child who didn’t love the never ending legacy of the seven stranded [...]

Friday Firesmith – Moby Dick and the Modem

I’ve always tried to be a helpful person when I can. I’ve had people ask me for directions, I’ve had other shoppers ask me if I knew where an item was, and I’ve had women ask me if I knew how totally crazy I was, and in all of these cases I have done [...]

Friday Firesmith – Send In The Mice!

Here in Georgia there aren’t a lot of lakes and most of what we have are manmade. There aren’t many islands, when it comes to it and you’ll excuse us if we’re not really that up on how islands operate. But a few years back, one of our Congressmen, Hank Johnson, had this to [...]

Friday Firesmith – Frozen

I never go out into direct sunlight unless I am covered from head to toe. As a creature of The South I know damn well that my UV exposure, on average, is going to be somewhere between the level of Hiroshima a day after the bomb was dropped and the surface of the sun [...]

Friday Firesmith – The Best Christmas Gift

I was married for 989 days but that’s 17 dog years. The one thing I hated about being married was she was bad with money and I had always been very frugal. Things were headed for the end long before they got there and in the winter of 2001 her mother was dying. We [...]

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