Friday Firesmith – On The Road!

It’s seven miles into town and another two across town, and then another eight to Tallokas Road, which is where I found Lucas just over four years ago. Then there’s another twenty-three to Moultrie. Then there is another fifty miles to my sister’s house near Albany Georgia.  I go through the little town of [...]

Friday Firesmith – On Mike Firesmith

Believe it or not, I was not born with the name, “Mike Firesmith”. When I started writing in 1992, at the age of 32, I had no idea that writing was something I might be able to do at all. All I knew is that I felt a compulsion to write. The first few [...]

Friday Firesmith – Bully for you, Teddy

The great thing about the internet, other than Bits and Pieces, is that in just a few moments you can discover the world is a much different place than it once was, or you can find out that it’s pretty much the same, or even both, if you look around long enough.

But [...]

Friday Firesmith – Free The AGN

I’m not a big fan of the Ain’t Got No crowd. The AGN’s are what cripples the South as far as education and culture. They do keep Wal-Wart from going broke and hardly a day goes by that some meth-ed up mullet topped grease eater doesn’t make the news by doing something incredible stupid [...]

Friday Firesmith – Drinking Buddies

When you are nineteen and already a very serious drinker there are going to be some momentary lapses in judgment. Some of these lapses will last for months and some of them will last for years. Mostly, the problem with being a serious drinker is the people who are not serious drinkers cannot stand [...]

Friday Firesmith – The Discovery That History Is Dead

Once upon a time, in the land of television, there was good programming. I remember once there was a special on George Washington, a multi-part series at that, and I learned a lot about how a man that hadn’t been a very good officer at all for England faced down that nation and began [...]

Friday Firesmith – Opinion Hated

 Every week someone feels obligated to point out that I tend to write about what I think rather than what I can provide statistics for. If I tell you it’s going to rain then you can choose to ignore me or you can take your umbrella, it is entirely up to you.  What [...]

Friday Firesmith – Traffic

For those of you who live in large urban areas I suspect there will be some eye rolling going on here, just as I would roll my eyes at you were you to go on and on about finding a live snake in your yard. Finding a live snake in my yard happens about [...]

Friday Firesmith – The Government Shutdown 101

At first glance, the current, most recent, and altogether too familiar train wreck that is the government of the United States of America seems to be the same old song and dance we’ve been listening to for quite some time now. But if you’ll do what you should always do in politics and follow [...]

Friday Firesmith – Of Chopsticks and Missiles

A friend of mine helped manage a Chinese restaurant and the deal was all-you-can-eat for a certain price. Well, as it turns out, there were people who would come in and eat and eat and eat. Then they would sit around and talk, laugh, and drink free refills of coffee for hours on end. [...]

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