Friday Firesmith – The Metric System, Traffic Circles, and Us

There are three classes of human beings that you never want to see sitting in a Jury Box; the first is law enforcement. They’ve seen the very worst of humanity and it’s a good guess they have more of a “kill them all and let God sort them out later” mentality than anyone else. [...]

Friday Firesmith – Facebook to the Rescue

I have three dogs. I started out with one dog, Bert, many years ago, a dog from a pound, and after eighteen months of being an only dog he went out and found a puppy, Sam, one day. We lived in peace and relative harmony until I found a stray, Lucas, in the middle [...]

Friday Firesmith – Who’s Telling and Who’s Selling?

Here we have two very different people who are both in the news for saying some fairly stupid things. The first is Cliven Bundy, a rancher who steals from the government because he thinks it’s okay to steal from the government. The second is Donald Sterling, a billionaire who thinks anyone not actively pleasing [...]

Friday Firesmith – Colored Outside The Lines

As a white man who is over fifty, who was born in The South, and who has a predilection towards solitude, I have to be careful when I write about race and racism. You see, I grew up in a segregated society. There were “Coloreds” and there were “Whites”. If you were “white” you [...]

Friday Firesmith – Red Faced About Red Panties

A couple weeks ago I said disparaging things about the Great State of Texas and I really shouldn’t have lumped all Texans in with the shoot everything crowd and those people who think science is a tool of Satan. Now, he who is without sin, or he whose state is without sin, should cast the [...]

Friday Firesmith – Introverted Introspective

The first time I went on a real date it was like being on the Hindenburg and knowing it was going to burst into flames. No, everything went just fine but I was nearly paralyzed with fear. The event was so draining I slept for most of the next day. In the space of [...]

Friday Firesmith – Rest In Peace Chupacabra

You have to be proud to be a human being, that is, as long as you don’t read the news. Or watch reality television. Or rescue dogs. You know, now that I think about it, we humans just don’t do enough to promote the theory of evolution at all. It’s no wonder there are [...]

Friday Firesmith – Where is that damn plane?

If you’ve never read the book “Helter Skelter” then you will never know how truly close Charles Manson came to getting away with mass murder. One of the murder weapons was found by a child, turned over to the police by his father, and there it sat until the kid and his father raised [...]

Friday Firesmith – The Clergy Are Carrion Fowl

We, as Americans in general and Southerners in particular, have an unreasonable view of death and dying. We won’t allow a beloved pet to suffer when the end is clearly upon that animal but we will allow a human being to be swallowed whole by misery for weeks, months or even years without offering [...]

Friday Firesmith – What Obama Could Learn From Bees

Bees, of all people, get Democracy right. When scout bees go out to look for a source of pollen they then return and tell the other bees about it in an interpretive dance. The bee that seems the most excited about his own dance is the one the other bees will follow. Invariably this [...]

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