Friday Firesmith – Windows 10 Update, A Cautionary Tale

Last Saturday, after working in the yard with ninety-degree heat and more than one person’s share of gnats, mosquitoes, and a stray rumble of thunder, I decided a couple of beers would be nice. There are a few things I will not do no matter how little I have been drinking. I will not […]


Friday Firesmith – Bad Drivers

My friend Elbow was one of the most fierce drivers I have ever met. She wasn’t aggressive or fast or demonic, no, she did everything with Zen like focus when she drove. She was one of the few people I have ever met who could parallel park into a space that had six inches […]


Friday Firesmith – Beware of the Cat

About eleven seconds deep into this video a woman is attacked and dragged away by a tiger. A few seconds later a passenger in the car runs to help her and this woman, the passenger,  is killed by one of the other tigers there.

I’ve lived in South Georgia all my life, practically, […]


Friday Firesmith – The War Against Islam, The Winners and Losers

To begin with, to figure all of this out takes a certain amount of knowledge of demographics on a worldwide basis, logistics, and military firepower. Knowing who has the toys, who has the capability to get those toys to where they need them to be, and who can sustain a long drawn out conflict […]


Friday Firesmith – Poke Mon NO!

First off, let me confess that I never thought eight track tapes would be extinct before I got out of High School. Then, I predicted no one would buy music CDs. As a child I thought the color of color televisions distracted from the art of acting and […]


Friday Firesmith – Chemical Holocaust

A friend of mine is married to a vet with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. To help deal with his illness, he’s under the influence of a covey of medications. To help her deal with her husband’s outbursts my friend decided to take a few meds herself. Whatever else might be said about the medications […]


Friday Firesmith – Boaty McBoatface For President

I think it all began in Iraq, actually, which is fitting because so much of civilization began in that part of the world. I don’t think we’re heading into a new era of civilization but rather in the opposite direction. Things are getting ugly out there, and the first sign that things were not […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Gays

I had a friend who married a guy she had been dating for quite some time. The relationship was punctuated with breakups, shouting matches, slammed doors, and everyone was pretty much sick to death of it by the time they announced their wedding. No one thought the marriage would last much longer than the […]


Friday Firesmith – Leash Your Children

As someone who doesn’t have kids, never wanted kids, and by and large, doesn’t like the critters at all, I have some issues with people who allow their children to run free. I spend a lot of time leash training my dogs so they’ll behave in public. You’d get some truly freaked out people […]


Friday Firesmith – For Melinda: No License to Kill

Don’t be a jerk 

There’s a certain lack of civility in politics these days and most of it stems from the belief that there’s no difference between an opinion and an informed opinion. The two are not equal. The two do not deserve the same level of respect. You may have the right […]

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