Friday Firesmith – The Economics of Tyger Linn

All the dogs I have ever shared space and my life with have all been trained not to steal from one another. Most have learned to catch treats on the fly and most realize when a dog misses a throw, or just plain fumbles the treat, whoever was supposed to get the treat still […]


Friday Firesmith – Christmas

In two days the nation will begin to emerge again from its wrapping paper cocoon to discover, once again, that Christmas is a fraud. There will be a brief and orgasmic moment in time where a few children are granted their most fervent wishes, but that will be followed by the vague feeling that […]


Friday Firesmith – Phones & Party Lines

I’m one of the last people who remember “party line” telephone service. A Party Line was used way back when, in the early sixties, to get telephone service to some of the more rural customers who lived out in the sticks. That was during a time when not everyone had a telephone and not […]


Friday Firesmith – The Sins Of Justin Ross Harris

For all the things I can say about my parents I can honestly say neither of them ever deliberately or accidently, put my life in danger. Raising a child is quite possibly the hardest job on earth and you may have no idea at all if you’re doing it right until years have passed. […]


Friday Firesmith – Home for the Holidays

When the wildfire that was devouring Georgia in 2007 began to creep closely to the little town of Fargo, the Feds told the mayor to issue a mandatory evacuation order. He told them that such an edict might not only be of questionable legal quality, but also there wasn’t anyone who lived in Fargo, […]


Friday Firesmith – Leftovers

In case you’re sitting at home right now, or a relative’s house, or anywhere there isn’t any predawn shopping being done, I’m right there with you. I think the idea of people trampling one another to buy stuff the day after Thanksgiving is overrated. I don’t own a television and I’m pretty sure […]


Friday Firesmith – Classical Music

Okay, let’s look a listen to what’s available these days and what it sounds like. Most commercial radio songs are built around a template, be it Country or Pop or Top Forty or Hip Hop, they all have very common themes, three chord riffs, at most, and lyrics that closely match the lyrics of […]


Friday Firesmith – Lost and Found

When my sister got divorced I got the dogs. Yes, that does sound strange but she wasn’t going to be able to keep the house, he didn’t want the dogs, and I have a big backyard. That was well over a year ago. The two large Black Labs, affectionately known as “The Cousins”, Marco […]


Friday Firesmith – The Election

I am a man who was born in a country segregated by race, legal and actual. I have seen what it takes to make a country exist as such, and I have seen what takes to deconstruct this sort of society. I have lived this. I was born into it and saw it […]


Friday Firesmith – The Origin of AIDS and Who Patient Zero Wasn’t

In 1984, an ominous year to begin with, stories began to filter through the fluff that makes up much of what is printed or was printed at that time, in newspapers. There was a new, incurable disease showing up in California, and it was killing gay men at a rate that was beginning to frighten […]

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