If a woman pulls out a knife on you…



Oh, the inhumanity…



How drunk do you have to be…

… to do this?

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Do you want fries with that?

Thanks sg


Sexy Carrot

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Hidden Drink Pouch

Never buy expensive bar drinks again.

Thanks Ralph


What Liberals think Conservatives eat for breakfast

Thanks DH


Cooking with lava

Barbecues are a lot of fun and they can be very popular when the weather is good. Because so many people like to host barbecues it can be difficult to find cool barbecue ideas to make yours memorable. Bompas & Parr are known for doing crazy things with food. When they decided to cook [...]

There is a god!

Thanks Donnie


I’ve cut down to one cup a day


Thanks Vicki (Kristen)

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