Caption Contest – 264

Thanks Bob F


Caption Contest update

It wasn’t easy, but we whittled down the entries for the Caption Contest to eight entries.  Almost all entries were worthy, but we managed to narrow it down to eight.

You get to decide who wins the contest. 

Update:  We have a winner!  (See below)

Winner will be announced sometime Sunday.  The winner […]

B&P Poem finalists – Vote Now!

I can’t decide the best poem about B&P, so we’ll do it American Idol style.  I’ve selected four of my favorites and we’ll let the B&P neighbors (you) decide who the winner is.  The one receiving the most votes will be the winner. Vote by noon Wednesday (CST) for your vote to count.  (Ballot […]

B&P poem contest

I think that I shall never see

A clever poem about Bits and P

A poem that makes me smile with glee

Just might earn you a B&P tee.


Got a little verse in you?  Post it in a comment. and you might win a Bits & Pieces T-Shirt.

Deadline is Monday at […]

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