Sunday Confession – Disappointed in Society

So many people in this country are pathetic. We have drivers that can’t drive and workers that don’t work. There are politicians that care more about power power power than they do their country. There are Businessmen who would gladly rip off their consumers left and right if it meant a little more money […]

Sunday Confession – No One Cares

No one cares. I am a driver, a printer of papers, a supplier of lunch money. I never get a nice thank you, I am not included in events and parties. I live totally anonymously among my family. My kids don’t care, my spouse never talks to me. He says no […]

Sunday Confession – Fed Up

I am fed up with my wife and kids, but feel that I have no options to do anything about it.  My wife ignores me and has guy friends that she is more interested in than me, but she insists that there is nothing going on.  And my kids… getting them to […]

Sunday Confession – Bah Humbug!

I hate Christmas! Cards and gifts, wrapping & shipping, decorating inside & outside, extra cleaning & cooking.  Year end stuff at work, staff shortage due to illness and vacations,  boring luncheons & parties you can’t avoid. And all the extra birthdays and anniversaries caused by other people’s poor planning.  And to […]

Sunday Confession – The End

I think, like most things in life, you get it or you don’t. I am that way with life. At this point, past 50, I feel lost more than ever and really just want to die. Everything I do and everywhere I go all I see is ways I could kill […]

Sunday Confession – So Sorry

I am sorry that you lost your job 2 weeks before Christmas due to me calling the store manager at his home.  I hope at the next convenience store you work at when a customer comes up to the counter to check out you don’t roll your eyes at them, huff, […]

Sunday Confession – Stuck

I feel like I’m the only person on the planet not moving forward. I am stuck in a life planned out by someone who could never understand anything related to me.I feel helpless. And lost.

Les temps sont durs pour les reveurs.  (Times are hard for dreamers)


Got something you’d […]

Sunday Confession – Ready to hit the road

I am 57.  I invested my retirement in a real estate company and lost everything.  Soon I will be totally broke.  I have spent the last 40 years working to pay everyone else’s bills.  My marriage is dying and when I am out of money I will be no use to […]

Sunday Confession – Selfish

I feel that my life is no longer complete, after finding out that I am virtually infertile.

Whenever a friend or relative says they are pregnant, although I congratulate them, I just want to shout into their faces, “What about me?!? You have what I can’t!” I know it’s selfish, but […]

Sunday Confession – Depressed

People think I have it all together: good marriage, nice home, wealthy.  I’m nice to everyone and do my best to help others often. They don’t know how depressed I am. I have no close friends and no one to talk to. If I don’t make the arrangements myself, no one […]

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