This “This Site Is Unsafe” warning is fake

I did some research and found this….

If you’re getting this warning….


It is a fake!  You have a fake security security application on your computer.

“This website has been reported as unsafe…” is a browser hijacker that will be presented to users infected with a fraudulent security application.

Read more here.

Instructions on how to remove the fake application are included.  The Malware Bytes software they recommend is good stuff and it’s free.



(o)(o)    Perfect breasts

( + )( + )    Fake silicone breasts

(*)(*)    Perky breasts

(@)(@)    Big nipple breasts

oo    A cups

{ O }{ O }    D cups

( ^ )( ^ )    Cold breasts

(o)(O)    Lopsided breasts

(Q)(O)    Pierced Breasts

(p)(p)    Hanging Tassels Breasts

\ o /\ o/    Grandma’s Breasts

( – )( – )    Against The Shower Door Breasts

| o | | o |    Android Breasts

($)($)    Martha Stewart’s Breasts

(oYo)    Wonderbra breasts.

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