My computer croaked

I got a notice that a piece of software on my desktop had an update first thing this morning. I usually perform all updates as they sometimes offer security updates to patch vulnerabilities.  When the update was installed it said I needed to reboot to complete the update.  I rebooted but my computer didn’t reboot as normal.  That sometimes happens and another reboot makes everything work fine.  The second reboot seemed to work. Then I got the BSOD (blue screen of death) error.  I tried repairing the startup files. I tried to restore from a previous save from two days ago when things were fine.  Neither worked.  After two or three hours of effort to get it working and BSOD after BSOD the situation deteriorated until I only got the message that my PC needed to be repaired and nothing else worked.

So I unhooked it and took it to the shop. They think they’re going to have to wipe the drive clean and reinstall Windows.  They said I’d know something within 48 hours. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty.

After I got home from the computer shop I cleaned under my desk where the PC sat. It’s amazing how dusty that area can get in such a short time.  While cleaning there I discovered the dried up 2.5-inch carcass shown above.