Steven Colbert on Letterman – 2005

Steven Colbert has been chosen to replace David Letterman when he retires from his Late Night position next year. Here’s what Stephen Colbert might be like on ‘The Late Show’. ¬†This clip from 2005 shows how he is when he’s not in “character” like he is on the Colbert Report.

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Time Flies


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Letterman – Martha Stewart’s Deviled Eggs and Vodka


The Rock

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Arnold Schwarzenegger on QVC: “Get to the Chopper!”



Stevie Wonder Selfie

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Bacon Bacon

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Justin Bieber’s Deposition

Justin Bieber was recently deposed because his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photographer.

Bieber is quite an arrogant jerk.

Story and more clips here

Taking a break at the Oscars…


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Oscar nominees in their earliest acting roles



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