Legends in Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ No Longer With Us

This week, Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall passed away. That means every glamorous star that Madonna sings about in “Vogue” is now dead.

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Some of the Best of Robin Williams



Robin Williams Dead at 63

Robin Williams, a comic and sitcom star in the 1970s who became an Oscar-winning dramatic actor, died Monday at 63 in Marin County. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said he appears to have committed suicide.

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40 Actors Auditioning

Some language NSFW



A Wet Willy

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The Kaufman Stare

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Conan and the Interns

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Do Star Wars they said…

Harrison Ford injured on the set of Star Wars VII

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On a side note: We’re going to the taping of the Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show today.  William Shatner is one of the scheduled guests.  We’re going that is, if they let us in.  The minimum age is 18 and one of my grandsons won’t be 18 until August.  My past experience [...]

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