You pick the best caption

I’m asking for help in deciding the best caption for this photo.

Hungry car

I’ve narrowed it down to the six I like best.

A. This was the moment Jenny realized she wasn’t going to get eaten the way she wanted!

B. Jonco’s lost shoe finally turns up…

C. He’s climbin’ in yo autos, he’s snatchin yo engine up…

D. Give a Miata driver an inch and he’ll take a foot.

E. This newest hybrid runs on electricity, biodiesel, or O Positive.

F. When a Mazda MX5 turns red, it is best to keep you distance. You can still see what happened to the last to ignore this advice. This is what MX5 owners affectionately call ‘the period’. You are warned.

Which caption do you like best?

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Man craps in wrong car

Crapper2The teenager who defecated in a man’s car – mistakenly thinking it was his girlfriend’s – has been convicted and sentenced to probation.

Austin Horries Purifoy, 19, is headed into the U.S. Army, which is aware of the charges, said 3rd Judicial District Attorney prosecutor Michael Heitz.

Unfortunately, the owner of the befouled Honda Civic was turned away from the car wash where he attempted to take the car and had to clean the damage himself, Heitz said.

Leaving work late the night of March 11, the car’s owner reported finding Purifoy in the back seat of his Honda Civic, pulling up his underwear.

“This is your car?” Purifoy said before bolting the scene, according to documents filed in court. “I thought this was Desiree’s car.”

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Mother of all GPS screwups

Gps mishapA Swiss van driver and his vehicle had to be rescued by helicopter after his GPS sent him up a remote mountain footpath.

Driver Robert Ziegler, 37, found himself stranded near the peak at Bergun, Switzerland, unable to go forward or turn around to go back the way he came.

Rescue workers scrambled a heavy lifting helicopter to carry the van and its driver to safety after he dialed for help on his mobile phone.

“I was lost and I kept hoping that each little turn would get me back to the main road. In the end it told me to turn around but of course I couldn’t by then,” the driver told police.

A fire brigade spokesman explained: “He claims he didn’t see any footpath signs but he must have been a pretty fair driver to get that far up a glorified goat track.”




Drink and drive

Car accidentA recent joint study conducted by the Department of Health and the Department of Motor Vehicles indicates that 23% of traffic accidents are alcohol related.

This means that the remaining 77% are caused by assholes who just drink coffee, carbonated drinks, juices, yogurts, and shit  like that.

Therefore beware of those who do not drink alcohol. They cause three times as many accidents.

Thanks Gene