Hairspray can explodes inside car…

Read all about it.

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This is gonna be good…

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Forest Whitaker’s Car

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Car ads – Mercedes vs Jaguar

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Flaming truck driven to fire house. Nobody there

A male driving down Highway 17 in Surrey, British Columbia, noticed smoke coming from his engine compartment. The male drove his truck up to the front doors of Fire Station Number 5. Unfortunately, the Fire Truck was out on another call and there was nobody left in the station. An off-duty firefighter driving by […]

How not to leave a car wash


He obviously didnt think the car was clean enough 😅😅

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How to repair a paint scuff on your car


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Luxury Car Vending Machine

Read all about it.

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Text much?

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Guardrail saves driver from disaster

At this rally racing event in Spain, one driver took a corner too quickly. By the looks of that drop, it seems like he’s lucky to be alive.

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