Google’s New App Can Digitize Your Old Photos in Seconds





Meanwhile, at the North Pole…

Thanks Alex



The old fake traffic cam trick

Thanks Rich



GoPro lost in the ocean takes some cool video

Read all about it.




After years of hard work at McDonald’s…





Just another self-pic taken with a phone





Travel Photo List

Dear Jonco and Patn,

Most of us, this weekend, are living vicariously through you! Here are some things we want to see from your Bits and Pieces trip to Las Vegas. 

Hey, B&Pers, Anything other suggestions of photos you’d like to see?




I shouldn’t have done it…

I shouldn’t have done it. The little girl at the Walmart photo dept was only doing her job. She asked me if I needed help, instead of saying No, I told her I was looking for black and white film for a digital camera.

A minute later she came back and said they didn’t […]


Terrific camera

Thanks Aubrey




Lytro Camera

Shoot now, focus later – instructions everyone can understand. With Lytro light field cameras, you get to focus on the moment, rather than focusing on your camera.

Thanks sg

Here are some sample pictures


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