That one follower…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  

Blogging Oops!

I have a separate tab in my browser where I compose Link Dumps.  As the day or days go by I add links to that post in that tab.  Sometimes I use things that people have sent me.  After I add a link to the post I usually delete their email so I don’t increase my […]

Bits of Wisdom Technical Problems

For some reason, our website Bits of Wisdom is banning some readers.  This happened a couple of weeks ago too.  It even banned me.  We got it straightened out but it has creeped up again. We’ll try to get to the bottom of why this is happening and get it straightened out.  

We’re […]

Drunk Blogging

How it’s really done!


B&P Headquarters

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)

Meanwhile, at…

via   The blogging community is a dog eat dog world.

I don’t always read Jonco’s blog…

Kevin F of San Diego sends along this ditty…

Thanks Kevin

Blog Comments


Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Blog Comments



B&P Problems

Bits & Pieces was experiencing some slowness and even not being able to access the site at various times yesterday.  I spent much of the day unable to post using Blogjet,  my normal blogging software.  I maintain four sites, three of which are hosted at  The fourth site is hosted elsewhere.  The sites hosted […]

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