After the BABBQ?


Picked up the grill for the BABBQ

Thanks Miss Silver

BABBQ sign

Matt T. sends along this sign he captured at Scotty’s Pub in Sioux City Iowa.

Thanks Matt

Big Ass BBQ Update

Here’s our idea for the BABBQ:  None of this is set in stone yet, so I’m asking for input or ideas.  I want to keep it as cheap as possible and firm up the details so we can start registration in a few days.

September 4, 2010 (Labor Day Saturday) –  St. Louis MO


At the BABBQ

Confused? See Bob Shows Up

Ten things you don’t want to know about the BABBQ

10. Everything on the grill has a long, thin tail.

9. To avoid burning, chicken breasts are covered in Coppertone.

8. The “cole slaw” is just mayonnaise and lawn trimmings.

7. The three-legged race is won by a three-legged guy.

6. Every couple minutes, the cook drops his pants and flips himself with the […]


The official date for the First Ever Bits & Pieces Big Ass BBQ will be Saturday, September 4, 2010 in St. Louis MO.

I have recreated the BABBQ page.  I think I have fixed the comments issue we had earlier. 

We’ll get down to the serious planning after Memorial Day around the first of June.

In […]

Pizza Taco


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