Tribute to Robin Williams by Bansky?

 It has yet to be confirmed, but this photo may showcase Banksy’s tribute to Robin Williams. Though, if it is meant as a tribute, it is a pretty dark one indeed. The graffiti shows Williams holding a clown’s head tied to a noose.

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director [...]

Street Artist – Bruce Lee


Thanks Niki M


Amazing 3D beach drawings

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

Human Landscape

Thanks sg

Why pay artists?

Thanks Anton


Making Art With Money

Mark Wagner, the collage artist, makes art with cut one-dollar bills.

Here’s Mark Wagner in his Brooklyn studio at work on a new collage.

More here

Thanks Paul W


Never buy paint for your kids



Thanks Pat C


Afro Graffiti

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



Image by Romain Laurent


Incredible Paper Sculptures

Darrell H sent me a video of Chinese artist Li Hongbo paper sculptures.   I wasn’t able to embed the video he sent me but I found another one about this incredible talent.   I also found a video that shows how he creates these amazing pieces.

The artist shows us how it’s [...]

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