Maggots On A Plane Motherf***er!

Passengers on a US Airways flight got more than they bargained for when they found themselves covered in maggots falling from an overhead locker.

Just as the plane was taxiing down the runway in Atlanta, Georgia, the pilot was forced to return to the gate thanks to the “minor emergency on board”.

A cleaning crew discovered the maggots had escaped from rotting meat in a food container in one of the passenger’s hand luggage.

Barb Develli, who had been traveling on the aircraft, described how the maggots poured on top of her friend sitting next to her.

“They were all over her, and then we looked in the seats. They were all over the seat. That’s when I got up. They were in my seat. In her seat.”

Another passenger Desiree Harrell said: “Bugs just began to fall out of the overhead compartment.

“And they tried to get us to sit there but it was evident they were right behind us in our seat.

“We were just asked to get up and walk to the back of the place because I refused to sit back in the seat.”

Once the mess was cleaned up, the plane continued on to its destination Charlotte where it was taken out of service and fumigated “out of an abundance of caution”.


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Mice weather for surfing

Mice surfer

Shane Wilmott, 39, has built boards for eight-month-old pets Peanut, Rocket, Skidmark and Charcoal.

He trains them first in the bath, then tugs them behind a remote-controlled boat in his swimming pool to get them used to the swells.

After that they hit the sea – with Shane, of Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia, keeping an eye out for predators. He said: “People can’t believe it. They see the boards but don’t realize there are mice riding the waves.”

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Bionic cat gets faux paws

Bionic catOscar the cat may have lost one of his nine lives, but his new prosthetic paws make him one of the world’s few bionic cats.

After losing his two rear paws in a nasty encounter with a combine harvester last October, the black cat with green eyes was outfitted with metallic pegs that link the ankles to new prosthetic feet and mimic the way deer antlers grow through skin. Oscar is now back on his feet and hopping over hurdles like tissue paper rolls.

After Oscar’s farming accident, which happened when the 2 1/2-year-old-cat was lazing in the sun in the British Channel Isles, his owners, Kate and Mike Nolan, took him to their local veterinarian. In turn, the vet referred Oscar to Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, a neuro-orthopedic surgeon in Eashing, 35 miles southwest of London.

Together with biomedical engineering experts, Fitzpatrick gave Oscar two metal prosthetic implants, or pegs. Those were attached to custom-built faux paws that are a bit wobbly, to imitate a cat’s natural walk. But first, he covered the brown implants with black tape to match Oscar’s fur.

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