Things we expect of our dogs but cannot do ourselves

Perfect dogPerfect impulse control

Speak foreign languages fluently with little/no instruction or practice

100% non-reactive behavior at all times

Never have a bad day

Always walk on a loose leash

Always come immediately whenever someone calls us, no matter what else is going on

Like everyone you meet, including rude, offensive, obnoxious individuals

Perfection: In short, we expect our dogs to attain a lofty goal that none of us will ever attain, perfection. Living with, learning from, and loving dogs has taught me that they are in fact perfect in many ways that we will never be. Dogs do not deceive, manipulate, coerce, or betray us. They are the ultimate secret-keepers. They like us on bad hair days. They sit and provide silent comfort for hours, listening without judgment, in our hours of darkest turmoil.

Yet dogs share many of our imperfections, and we’d do well to remember that they have feelings, desires, frustrations, preferences. They experience sadness, confusion, anger, and pure joy. Dogs have good days and bad days. Remembering what we share in common with the animals who have been our collective “best friends” for millennium will engender empathy. With empathy comes understanding, respect, and trust.

I hope the future holds a revolution for how dogs and people understand and live with each other. When and if this happens, the change will hopefully be rooted deeply in the soils of empathy for our collective perfections and imperfections, desires and goals.  So forgive your dog her mistakes.  Be certain that she has forgiven many of yours.  After all, you’re only human!

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