I Rescued a Human today!

As told to Susan Addelston

I rescued a human today! I wondered how long it would take since I’d been in this cage for what seemed like forever, but today it happened. The person’s eyes met mine as the biped walked down the row looking intently at all of us. I felt that need instantly and knew that this one was going to be my person. 
How could I let the biped know? I wagged my tail, but not so much as to make the person afraid. As my door was passed, I pressed against the bars so that the human’s eyes could see my sturdy body. I shoved my shoulder and head
as close to those knees as possible.

When the person knelt down, I felt the gentle pressure of fingers against my neck and ears. My warmth comforted
the biped already and I ventured a few low sounds of pleasure at that kind contact. I hadn’t been touched that way
in a long time; the shelter staff does their best, but there simply isn’t enough time for all of us. The human stood up
to read my information card, but I kept my body against the bars. I hoped that my abandonment, much as I tried to
forget it, wouldn’t scare the person. I know I can still make a
difference in someone’s life.

The person called over a staff member, and there was a lot of talking going on. I kept my tail wagging and lifted
a paw up to assure them that they were making the right decision. I was healthy, and my papers were all in order.
Soon my door opened, and I was led out for what proved to be the last time. I was going to my new home!

What was that in the human’s jacket pocket? A new harness and leash! This time when the biped knelt down to put them on, I pushed us together into an embrace of thankfulness and joy. I licked the human’s face, promising to keep us safe, to always be eager for play, and to be a loyal companion throughout life. The person’s radiant smile and soft voice were so welcoming that we both knew I had made the right choice. How fortunate was it that this person came down my corridor today?

There are so many more humans out there who haven’t given themselves the chance to be saved. There are so many
more of us in the shelter who are capable of becoming a new best friend.  My feline friends are also eager for warm laps, toys, and windows to look out of for birds and squirrels. I wish I could find them all furever homes as well, but at least I rescued one human today!

Thanks, Roscoe