Domino world record is something you have to see


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The Sinking Of The Cruise Ship Oceanos

The Oceanos sank in 1991. Everyone survived. Imagine the Titanic sinking with 1,500 people still on board.

Read all about it.

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If a video ever deserved the word “WOW?”, this is it


Mondo 19’1″ Guitar by Robert Trow

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Jenga – Master Level



Colossal Waves

In case you were thinking “the ocean is a chill place to hang out and is not scary,” here’s a reminder from Taiwan that you should not mess with the ocean.


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Beer Pong – Expert Level via

Breathtaking Fall Photos

More here

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Great White Shark Cage Breach

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Jump Rope – Expert Level

… and they weren’t in the top 10.


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Rooftop Girl


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