Anatomy of Ages




What a difference 50 years makes

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What do we want?


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I finally figured it out…

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Life Expectancy

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Two old friends get together every ten years…

Two guys grow up together but after college one moves to NY other to California.

Every ten years they agree to meet in Chicago and play golf.

They finish their round at age 30 and go to lunch. “Where you wanna go?” “Hooters.” “Why?” “Well, you know, they got the broads, with […]

Stay Positive

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From punishments to goals

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An 80-year-old farmer visits the doctor…

An 80-year-old Saskatchewan farmer goes to the clinic in Saskatoon for a check-up. The doctor is amazed at what good shape the guy is in and asks, ‘How do you stay in such great physical condition?’

‘I’m from Saskatchewan and in my spare time I like to hunt and fish’ says the old guy, ‘and […]

Happy Grandma

Grandma is eighty-eight years old and still drives her own car. She writes:

Dear Grand-daughter, The other day I went up to our local Christian bookstore and saw a ‘Honk i f you love Jesus’ bumper sticker ..

I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed […]

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