Russian Tampax Commercial

Thanks Mary M


A Very Hot Afternoon

Tom takes advantage of new technology when his new math tutor arrives.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Be More Dog

Thanks Sonya


RE2PECT – Derek Jeter Jordan Commercial

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Boy Scouts – Special Values

Merit Badges have gotten a lot more interesting since I was a boy scout.

Thanks Jaime G


Bad Ad Placement

B&P reader Greg S. sends along this Groupon ad he received in his email. 

Thanks Greg


Elephant Tricks



Burger Confusion



If Great Britain won the Revolutionary War

Thanks  Maffu


Get the London Look

I’ve never heard of the London Look, so I Googled it….

There is a very famous makeup brand called Rimmel London.  The slogan for it  is ‘Get the London look’.  The girl who does the TV commercials for Rimmel London has a small gap between her front teeth.

Thanks Michael M 


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