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This is where you can talk about anything you want any time you want.   

I don’t mind you plugging your site or your personal cause, whatever it is as long as you’re a reader and contributor here.  I ask that you don’t do it repeatedly.   I will delete blatant spam comments.    I also ask that you keep your comments fairly clean and civil.  I will not allow name calling and personal attacks.  Violation of these guidelines could get you banned from the site.

If you have something to say but don’t know where to say it, or it’s not really pertinent to a particular post, say it here.

If you want to send me a suggestion of something to post send it to jonco@bitsandpieces.us.

What’s on your mind?


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  1. Jonco I went to six flags but I didnt do the virtual ride because it was 15 per person so x4 thats 60 bucks to ride it one time I would have done it if it was more that one time on it

  2. I’ve had a few medical issues I mentioned here and in this Open Mic.
    I called my doctor and sent him my blood pressure numbers for the last 5 days. He’s going to make a slight adjustment in my meds and wants me to call him if there are any drastic changes. I’ll be having blood work done this Friday and I’ll be in touch with him early next week.

    • Just put in your name and email address. It will be remembered next time you post. Remember what you used in case your cookies get wiped. If you want to use an image next to you name go here, create an account, then add an image and use the same email you used for here.

    • There is no “log In” per se, but comments from first-time commenters are held for moderation. One we see them and determine that you’re not a spammer or a bot, your comment is approved and future comments are posted immediately. Or they should be. We’ve had a couple of instances where a regular commenter’s comments were repeatedly held for moderation. That is very rare, though.

      • Totally! Nothing I find more scary than… CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!!!

        Edit: I’m in the Cytube video-chat right now. ScaryDude’s the name. Watching Jack Frost. Silly movie.

        Edit 2: Oooh, gross! Throbbing brains. That’s the name of my new band!

  3. YOO HOO! Are you there, Bella? hcmom? Been a loooong time for a visit to The Lounge. [Had to raise $$ for the Cover Charge to get back in.]

    • Hello, mary!!! Silly you, the thing guarding the door takes hugs as payments, if you’re willing, or even a quick chin skritch!

  4. So… today I did something that to me is super exciting, and I need to share. I booked a day tour in Russia!!! It’s part of a larger trip I’m doing at the end of the month, with a group of people I regularly travel with, and the entire trip is pretty damn exciting.

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