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  1. Happy New Year Everyone from the Great White North. May everyone have a lot of happiness, be able to pay their bills, and just slow down to enjoy loved ones and life.

  2. A month ago, on the first of December, I had a stroke. It manifested itself with a seeming congestion in my throat making my speech thick. Later in the day, I realized that my balance was off. My wife took me to the hospital ER where they confirmed that I had had a stroke in the pons region of my brain. The doctor put me on Plavix and a statin and decided that my prognosis was good. Sure enough, I notice that my speech is almost back to normal and my balance is vastly improved. I have been cleared to drive again, but I am still experiencing some vision issues which I’ve been told will improve. Happy New Year and thank you for doctors…I’m back from the dead and ready to party!

    • WOW, Richard. You just never know what the day will bring. Glad you’re on the road to full recovery. So many don’t make the trip back.

      I was just thinking last night about all the changes that happened this past year. I wondered what could possibly happen in 2015 that could change our lives. As I get older I think about those things more and more. The little changes are to be expected but the larger ones relating to health and family are the important ones. We can only hope that they will be good changes.

    • So very glad to hear of the positive outcome!! One of the biggest problems I have with the wonderful world of internet friendships is that it means there are so many more people I worry about. 🙂 But I still wouldn’t give up my internet friends!

    • W0W so glad to hear that Richard! A lot of times, strokes are worse than a heart attack. They seem to want to pick the left or right side of the body and some people never recover fully. Lucky Buddy! Glad to hear it and Take Care. <3

    • Congratulations on your recovery! Still recovering from my stroke, and your news gives me hope…tho it’s very frustrating. Thank goodness you got help right away and the meds to prevent another!

    • Richard, I just read this. I’m very happy to know you are doing better. Maybe DJ will head back this way soon and give the B&P Ga. delegation reason to see each other again. Be well my friend…

  3. Canada Winter Games are in my City right now (Prince George, BC) and they have to ship some of the athletes further north to compete as there’s not enough snow nor is it cold enough to keep the outdoor rinks frozen. Who would have thunk?

      • Brutal in Boston. I hope they have a slow thaw or else there will be a flooding problem. I really feel for them, we’re used to it, they aren’t. We revert to using snow mobiles and CAT’s/heavy equipment if we have to but what do you do in a huge City that size just trying to get back and forth to work?

  4. Is anyone planting a garden this year? I’ve got a bunch of tomato plants already but it’s still too early to put outside yet. I’ve moved to a mobile park so am really going to be missing my greenhouse. I’ll be mostly container gardening and I’ll see how resourceful I can be. Has anyone had success with growing brussel sprouts? I tried them last year but between the move and kinda ignoring them, they didn’t do too well. Ended up with tiny green type worms on them as well. Any really good tips from the green thumbs on here?

    • plowed my garden yesterday I have 9 cabbage plants but will have around 100 tomato plants and butter beans and some other stuff,you have to use powder or liquid poison on those plants those green worms are the worst

      • I’ve never seen or even heard of them before but as soon as I planted the brussels, they appeared. Will have to do some checking on them.

    • This might be the year I get around to trying to start some grapes, but I don’t have high hopes for them surviving, because I’m just no good at all with plants.

    • Use the water from a fish bowl. Makes the plants very happy! I always destroyed my plants or they just never grew. One day I changed out the water from the fish tank and watered my plants with it and they grew like crazy!! Now, since I don’t have fish anymore, I pay someone for a few bottles of “fish water”.

    • In theory, yes. But I live where Spring plays peek-a-boo and having been almost 70 degrees earlier this week will lead to 20’s and 30’s next week. There’s a reason I have not yet put the shovels away at work, and that reason is blizzards in the middle of May.

    • We had Spring for a day or two last week, but mostly we’ve skipped right into summer, which is going to make for a very long hot one, I suspect.

  5. This week is looking a bit cooler, with temps only in the mid 70s. We’ve already had a couple brush fires, which is a bit worrisome.

    • Yes, we’ve had some too. Mostly started by inconsiderate smokers or early campers not putting out their firepits. Last year we had a psycho running around starting them on purpose and they never caught them so I sure hope that doesn’t happen again this year. Very scary stuff.

  6. What happened to Grumpy? Anyone know? Someone asked this question before and I used to keep in contact with him, but now I can’t contact him at all.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. While the anonymity of the internet can be a good thing for one’s privacy it also creates situations like this that have one wondering what happened when someone sort of disappears online.

  7. Gus is home after oral surgery. He’s 4 teeth short of what he had when he went in early this morning. He was a little groggy but seems to be doing good.

    • He seems to be back to normal. He was groggy and a little unsteady on his feet for about a day and a half but after that he was his usual self. He showed no signs of pain at all. They had to remove some of his gum that for some reason was starting to grow up the back (inside) of his teeth. They said that just happens sometimes and does so in some breeds more than others. He’s on an antibiotic for 10 days to prevent infection ffrom that, but otherwise he’s completely normal… or as normal as Gus gets. 🙂

      • Good to hear! My little one is going in for the snip-snip here pretty soon so we shall see how this little goofball handles it?? All speed, no control. I have to bring Yoshi up all the time to tune her in to how a doggie is suppose to act. She thinks she’s a gazelle. She even prances like a horse in the musical rides. LOL!

  8. 78 1/2 % of flowers and small amount of container veggies planted. We are so fortunate to have a wonderful spring. Lovin’ it!!!!

  9. I want to give a shout-out about my nephew Darren. He is in his early 20’s and since he was small he had a interest in cartoons. He could draw characters and use to make up his own stories. He went to college to study art but ended up in a course studying media.He then started to make film projects. He walked into a Louis Copeland shop (very well known tailor) and asked if he could make an advertisement for them. They agreed and its now on their website. He came up with a idea for a project which has never been done before. It was to record the history of making of cartoons in Ireland. As some people will know, Don Bluth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sullivan_Bluth_Studios)had a base here and made some great films. He emailed Don Bluth and is now going to Arizona for 3 days for face to face interviews as he thinks its a brilliant idea.
    This is a guy who was born early at 26 weeks and had 3 major operations in the first year of his life.
    I am a very proud Auntie!

  10. I haven’t posted much about flying lately, because I figure it must get a bit tedious with me being a one trick pony. But we had a fatality at our flight park last month, and today was the memorial, and I want to share the really crappy video I took. Please, watch the entire thing. Not because of some surprise ending or anything, but just out of respect.


  11. Early afternoon on the Fourth of July, just before people showed up, I started hearing a very young sounding kitten. By the time lots of people were here, she started sounding pretty upset, so we dug through the jungle (part of our yard) to find her. She looked to be about two weeks old, but we put her back, figuring her mother was probably just scared off by so many people around. Then she kept me awake all Saturday night, so Sunday we went and got some kitten formula and a bottle, but still kept her where her mother had put her. Since mom hadn’t shown up by Tuesday morning, I’ve moved her to a basket on the fish patio. Feeding her was difficult at first, but she and I have finally gotten the hang of it. We can’t keep her, for various reasons, but she is so sweet!

    Sigh… I tried to post pictures, but spambot thought I was spamming.

    • You more than likely saved that little ones life hcmom. I’m sure there will be someone that will love that little kitty. Thank you for doing that. <3

  12. Helllllllllooooooo Bella “Ms. Mayor”, hcmom, Janet, of course, Jonco, and all the rest of ‘B&P Lounge-ers”! I haven’t checked in here much since my stroke a year ago, but i always keep up to date with B&P :). So, busy with holiday plans? Looking forward to the new year? C’mon, any topics to relay?

  13. I just noticed we have very nearly an entire year on this one page. We need to post more, people!!

    Also… up there ^ where I posted about the kitten we found… we did end up keeping her. 🙂 She’s our Tacocat, or as my boyfriend calls her, while he’s holding her, the stupid horrid furbag.

  14. Hey! I’m slipping up here. 😀 Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have a great holiday, however you celebrate or not celebrate it!! XOXOXO

  15. I’ve got the man flu plague! I want to whine to someone so here we are! I hope anyone else going through this feels better soon. Ugh, bad!

  16. I am so sorry, Bella, you got the flu! It wreaked havoc in the lower 48 — Virginia, Chicago and ‘burbs, Denver, Phoenix, Albuquerque, California (north and south)– and that’s just immediate relatives! I hope all my non-relatives here in The B&P Lounge are healthy and happy!

  17. I have a cousin that passed away this morning. She was the oldest of the cousins (a few years older than me). Her heart was just wearing out and she was put on hospice in October and they said she might last a couple of weeks. Then around Thanksgiving they said it could be any day and that she definitely wouldn’t make it til Christmas. Here it is February 8 and she ended her fight this morning. R.I.P. Jane.

  18. Can’t believe our weather here compared to out East. Sorry! It’s hanging around 0C (32F) when usually we are in the bowels of -40C (where C & F meet) and a wind chill to -50. Most days are nice and sunny with a bit of rain mixed in. I think we may be the new tropics and I’m loving it. I don’t want to do the happy dance too soon though as March is still to come and that can be a crazy month, weather wise.
    On a side note: Cabin Fever is in full swing here regardless of the weather. It’s the time of year that people go stir crazy. Lots of drinking, fighting and cussing going on plus breaking up then making up. *sigh* I’m glad I stay mostly to myself now. 😀

    • Where you at Bella? It’s been unusually warm here, even for summertime. 80s to 90s. People complaining about having to run air-conditioners, high electric bills year round.

  19. Hey Jonco, when you get your behind to the west coast, we have a new attraction down here for you to try. Just opened up. There’s also the Wavehouse in Mission Beach. And lots of craft beer. I finally got my hands on some of that pineapple sculpin. Didn’t like it so much. Could barely taste it, and I so love pineapple. There’s always the peanut butter stout which I just came home with. Stuff messes me up, so if I start babbling in the comments (more than usual), blame it on the beaver.

  20. That Wavehouse looks awesome, not that I’d try it. I’m too old for that. I’m not real big on craft beers either. I grew up on Anheuser-Bush products and usually stick to those even though some say it’s like drinking water. I guess I like water. I don’t need a beer that’s so strong and stout. I tried Guinness once and didn’t care much for it, but I finished it.

    We’ll be on the left coast up in the LA area and visiting the Sequoia National Forest with our granddaughter in June.

    • I was gonna suggest he go hang gliding with you while he’s up there. Can you do tandem?

      OWWW! I shouldn’t type so loud when I’m nursing a hangover. Finished off the whole 2 liters last night, and that’s not beer flavored water like Jonco drinks.

      • Nope, being a tandem instructor is way more than I’ll ever be qualified to do. But I can hook him up with the ones I trust the most.

  21. Sorry Kevin, I should really check in here more! I’m in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. Kind of north/central B.C. Our heating bills are usually killers but not a big issue with A/C in the summer. I think I only ran mine about 5 times last summer. It gets warm, but not hot or humid like further south. If we hit 30C/86F we are drinking beer, hiding in the shade, melting and keeling over. I just about croaked in Vegas a few years back when the B & P gang met down there as it was over 100F most days. Our winter still continues to be mild because of El Nino and one of the best in my memory. 😀

  22. Hellova Mayor that I am! When is the new election? I’m voting for Kevin (Mayor) and hcmom (Deputy Mayor)!!!
    I think Mary & I have both been under the weather healthwise so need some new, young blood in here! Anyone second that?

      • When I first read yours and Bella’s comments a couple of days ago I thought it was just a problem with Bella’s keyboard. I think I read it too fast. Then someone told me about it being on the whole page. It was a pretty easy fix. I just updated the whole page in WordPress and that seemed to fix it. I have no idea why it did that to begin with.

  23. I FINALLY got to fly again. Between work and weather conditions, I hadn’t had a mountain flight since freaking Dec. 26. I was going crazy. Conditions were *barely* good enough after I got off work Sunday, but I didn’t care if it was only going to be a short flight, it was better than none at all. Spring air should be starting here soon, with lots of high altitude days. I can hardly wait!

  24. Wahoo! Four of our local breweries made the top 50 craft breweries in the country, based on sales. Stone Brewing #10, Ballast Point at 11th though I would no longer consider them craft since they sold out a few months ago, Green Flash #41, and Karl Strauss #46. These aren’t even the best beers available here, they just sell the most. I guess because the tourists don’t know about the smaller places? Stone, Ballast and Green Flash also made the overall list, some silly company in St Louis took top place there.

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