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  1. Well, what a week. The left coast might have Coachella, but the in the East, we have Bonnaroo. All of the acts from Elton John to Kanye West to Arctic Monkeys, Wiz Khalifa, Jack White, Chromeo, Skrillex and many more were there.

  2. I’ve completed the lessons part of my learning to fly. I’ve graduated to just having to have an instructor around to observe me when I’m in the air, and yesterday I got to start working on climbing in rising air!!

  3. Headed over to Cracker Barrel for dinner tonight. Saw some cool clouds on the way.


    • Nice shot! I saw similar cloud formations in the Spring. In person, the contrast and layers create an amazing 3D effect.

  4. (in case it was too late to see my reply, XALASKAN, in Weekend Open Mic, just wanted you to know….) Absolutely phenomenal, X!!!! So looked forward to seeing progress — especially after the tsunami the area experienced. It’s just beautiful, truly an island paradise

  5. Ooooh, just saw the pictures Xalaskan. Simply a beautiful place. That would be a dream come true to live there. And I’ll bring Beers! 🙂 Just Lovely!

  6. I need help!

    I am celebrating a big birthday soon but I have no money. I want to do something to remember it. Any ideas which wont cost me money?

  7. Hey you guys, check this out. Our government is trying to pull a another fast one on us. They’re trying to destroy the internet, again. Too late to contact your congressman, already passed. Try your senator.

    • Thanks. I’m still unable to post with Blogjet so I’m trying another blog client called BlogDesk. It works and it’s OK, just different. I think it’s still faster than posting directly through WordPress. Especially with multiple blogs. Everything is in one window which is different than the way I’m used to posting. Each blog had its own window and I had them strategically placed around my screens. My biggest fear is accidentally posting the wrong post on the wrong blog. Maybe I should apologize in advance for freaking someone out.

      • Oh come on, what’s wrong with a T&A surprise for little Billy? He’s got to learn about that stuff somewhere.

  8. Thanks for all the kind words and birthday wishes. They warm my heart.

    I went out and had a steak dinner and a few beers tonight. Life is good! Thanks. 🙂

  9. Cancer Sucks!
    We lost a friend today that I’ve known for about 40 years. I saw her a couple months ago and she was fine. Just a few weeks ago she thought she was having a heart attack and went to the ER. They tested her and her heart was fine. Further tests revealed a mass on her gallbladder and another on her liver. They started her on chemo while they did more tests. The new tests showed that it was all throughout her system and chemo wouldn’t help her. She went home and into hospice care just last week. She died this morning with her family at her bedside.

    She always had such a sweet smile whenever you talked with her. You could tell she was genuinely happy to see you and talk with you. Barb was 64.She will be missed.

  10. Awww Jeez, in my move I’ve been neglecting this area. I am so sorry for you Jonco and yes Cancer does suck. Sorry that you lost a friend.

    I’m almost (hahahahaha) moved in but am planning an addition immediately. 2 weeks into my move into my lovely little tin can (mobile home) and there is no room. No place to put seasonal stuff, mops, carpet shampooer, seasonal clothing, fishing stuff, whatever. Sheesh, I still can’t move around here. Got every corner stuff and that’s after downsizing crap 3 times and giving away half the house to charity foundations. The fantastic news is I have a new battery operated lawnmower that is push button and I have way less lawn to mow. Happy, happy.

    Have you sold your old home Jonco? I really lucked out and a friend decided to buy it before I even put it on the market. Fortunately he was a pack rat too and told me to leave all the extra tools, nails/screws, yard tools, household cleaners etc there and he would dispose of them if he didn’t want them. HA, I’m so glad.

    • Haven’t sold it yet. Only had one offer and it was ridiculous.

      My fried got sick over the 4th of July holiday weekend and was dead in about a month. So sad but she didn’t hang on and suffer for months or years.

      • That’s true. I’ve experienced both ways with friends & family and would rather go swift and quick myself.

        Well, I’m hoping you get your other place sold soon. Such a beautiful view and nice area. Try going on some local sites and get it out there. I know a lot of people doing that here, even if they do have it listed through a realtor. That’s how I first saw this place. Good Luck!

  11. Where is my Deputy Dog? (That’s the same as riding shotgun up here) My Mary? Hopefully just chillin’ and a grillin’ this summer. We’ll get more active on here in the fall and winter, I’m sure. 🙂

  12. Too fuuny, Bella — Yippee-yo-ky-ayyyyy! I’m here day in, day out! Unfortunately, I had a mini stroke last month, right arm out of commission, so one-finger typing is slow going. But I’m still here plugging away!

    • Oh Sweetheart, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m sending all the good vibes and kind thoughts your way from this northern Gal. You take care of yourself and take every day as it comes. Speedy recovery to you Deputy Dog. <3

    • Oh no, Mary! I hope your recovery is coming along. I know how frustrating that one-handed typing is. I had shoulder surgery in May and had to do the one-handed typing thing for a few weeks. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Please keep us up to date.

  13. Thanks all you sweetums — Bella, hcmom and sleepygirl2 — for such well wishes! Don’t think I will be derelict in my duties, Bella! Onward and upward 🙂

  14. Glad to hear that you are on the mend Mary. Take your time and look after yourself. Much Love coming from Me. <3

    Thank YOU Richard!!! Another year older but still young at heart. I'm actually doing pretty fine and loving it. It will be a GOOD DAY! XOXOXO

  15. Y’know… it’s been a while since I made you guys watch me fly…

    Yesterday was the scariest flight I’ve done so far, but from what the instructor said, it was scarier for him. 🙂 He doesn’t normally let low-hour pilots launch in these conditions, and I think if he’d known what it was actually like in the air, he would have had third and fourth thoughts about it. But he did let me work on thermalling (which is what we do to get higher than where we launch from). That part was fun. The scary part was that the conditions were SO strong, getting back down was getting difficult. I’m going to be working on my upper body strength for sure!


      • For the flying I do, which is strictly local, the flight clubs have land that belongs to them, that is groomed to be specifically a landing zone. For cross-country flying, which I’m nowhere near ready to do, before you fly, you make a flight plan, with many options if thing go awry. Once you’re flying that good, you don’t need much room for landing, and experienced pilots have usually checked out the possibilities from the ground first, or talked to local pilots about where they can land.

  16. Happy birthday Bella!

    How is everyone? My life has lately been filled with nothing but drama. I have been hesitating on writing this for months and have now decided to go for it.

    My husband thought it would be a good idea to try out being polyamorous. He set me up with a female friend of his so that I can be with her while he was at work out of state and I could be with him while he was home. Anyway, after it was all said and done, he decided to leave me and try to gain sole custody of our daughter and use my relationship with my girlfriend (which he originally approved of) against me. I have a pledge page to help me pay my lawyer since I have yet to find a job in this small college town and since my soon-to-b-ex took everything we had together. I need help and could use at least some prayers. If you could please pass this on, I would be so grateful! Thank you all in advance!


    • Hello Your Honor. I guess everyone has given up the internet, or they’re all too busy to check in here on any type of a semi-regular basis. We need to stir up the pot and come up with something controversial to bring these folks back into the fold. Any ideas?

    • Howdy miss Bella.

      the genesis at Microsoft messed up an update for win 7 that allowed a lot of aggressive add ware to download onto computers in the background so have been busy fixing it for all my new clients that had to upgrade from xp.

      and Paul her is one for you.

      Paul Allen from Microsoft is suing a company because his Tank (panzer mark IV) did not get delivered immediately after the auction like his Scud Launcher and Artillery Piece did. at the same time he donates $500,000 toward the new law they are trying to pass in Washington st. that requires a 10 day waiting period on all firearms.

  17. Well Howdy everyone. ALN….I know pretty much nothing about computers except on how to turn them on. 🙂 If they work, they work? I hope life is going well for you and all the Gals down there. 🙂
    Sir Paul, how is Mr. Kevin doing? Not sure what grade he would be in now? I’m thinking he’s about 6 but not sure, so gr. 1?
    Hi Sleepygirl. I hope Mary is doing well too. Hopefully it was just a set back but she is on the mend. Let us know Mary.

    We’re into fall here and the colours are beautiful, weather is mild, not too chilly yet. All the Elmer Fudd’s are out hunting so you don’t dare take a walk in the woods for fear of them or bears. I’ve never seen a year like this where the bears are so invasive and downright nasty within city limits. I know that they are hungry and tired and just want to go for their winter nap now but they can piss off back to the woods anytime soon.

    I’m not dreading winter this year. I’ve moved to a smaller place, don’t have to heat with wood anymore so NO chopping, cutting, packing, burning, BS anymore!!! I’m happy in my new home. Just got an addition built on so all is good in my world.

    Anyone else made some changes lately? Changes for the best? 🙂

    • Bella, Kevin turned 5 8 days ago. He’s enrolled in what’s called VPK in Florida. Stands for Voluntary Pre Kindergarten. At 12 times his age, I can’t begin to tell you the joy he brings to my otherwise squalid existence. Peace to you in your new environment.

  18. Exciting weekend ahead for me. The hang gliding club I’m a member of has an annual weekend camping trip to a coastal flying site in Big Sur, CA, and my instructor has said I can fly there!! Now we just need the right weather for it!

  19. We had an offer on our old house. After a couple rounds of counteroffers we’ve agreed on a price. So assuming all the inspections come back OK and the buyer gets financing it looks like we’ll be the owners of just one house payment in a month or so.

  20. Excellent everyone. Glad to hear things are looking up for everyone and on a positive side. That will be a big relief for you, I’m sure, Jonco. I absolutely lucked out on the sell/buy end of it and I know it. Just the right timing as I knew there was no way that I could carry two mortgages. Fingers and toes crossed up here for you and Pat.
    Kevin is only a year older than my youngest grandbaby Sir Paul and I didn’t remember that. Such a cute age. I’m still going through a lot of “Why’s”. I don’t know how to answer anymore but I do somehow.
    Congrats hcmom. Big Sur is suppose to be B E A U T I F U L !!! It sounds like they always have nice weather there but hoping for the best for you. Wind beneath your wings. 🙂

    Has anyone heard from Our Mary lately? Hugs going out to her!!!

  21. Hey hey Bella! After a 3am visit to the ER, [no Disney World lines, no waiting (!)], an exhausting 5 days in the hosp thinking I was having another stroke. No just the one. I’ll gladly take just the one! Multiple tests, upped my meds. Hubby was at my bedside the entire time, what a gem. (And the doc said I shouldn’t have beer, Bella! SMH) I guess I am cursed with both of my parents’ cesspool of genes, at only 55, dammit! Getting back to routines, tho more tired than usual. Counting my blessings. Sooo enough about me…. What good news do you all to share??

  22. To all the Americans reading this, both here and the ex-pats abroad, the Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your families. To all the other people around this great big planet who hang in this neighborhood: it’s Thursday! Go back to work! 😉

  23. Ok, under 10 days until Christmas and I am going to start my shopping tomorrow morning early. LOL! A whole week earlier than last year. Man, I hate shopping. Gift cards here we come!!!

  24. I’ve given my kids and the babies (even though my oldest grandchild is 13, ALL the grandkids are grouped as “the babies”) gift cards as their main present for years now. Easier on me, and really, who doesn’t love getting to get whatever they really want.

    This year I’m doing something different with the babies though, and I’ve bought some LivingSocial/Groupon activity things to take them to over Christmas break. We’re going horse-back riding, and having an archery lesson. It’s possible that I’ve lost my fool mind, taking 8-year old boys to learn how to shoot bows, but we’ll see… 🙂

  25. So, after all the shopping, wrapping, shipping, etc. how will you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solace, Festivus or whatever?
    For us it’s dinner in a restaurant and exchanging a few small gifts.

    • I find it so busy and exhausting this time of year that anytime I get to just chill is good time. Feet up, cold beer, brain just going into dormant and life is good for a few hours. And then back at it again. I love being around friends and family, especially the kids at this time of year but I’m finding that I love being my myself more and more and more. LOL! Incoming hermit.

  26. Anyone from the British Isles want to do me a little favor?
    My kids are watching “Wild Weather With Richard Hammond”
    and they would like to get one of the wall posters they are giving away.
    but they will not send them to the Colonies.
    Could someone get one for me.
    there website is BBC.CO.UK/wildweather


    • It really is crazy. It’s such a small area that was affected but they’re spreading out their “cheer” in different places. All the media attention doesn’t help. St. Louis really is a nice city. It’s a shame it’s being portrayed to the world as awful as it has been.

  27. Happy Boxing Day, that’s what us Canuckleheads call it. Hope all had a wonderful day and NO more Xmas songs for another YEAR! 😉 YiPPEEEE!



    I’ma gonna kick y’er ass!


    <3 To everyone

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