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This is where you can talk about anything you want any time you want.   

I don’t mind you plugging your site or your personal cause, whatever it is as long as you’re a reader and contributor here.  I ask that you don’t do it repeatedly.   I will delete blatant spam comments.    I also ask that you keep your comments fairly clean and civil.  I will not allow name calling and personal attacks.  Violation of these guidelines could get you banned from the site.

If you have something to say but don’t know where to say it, or it’s not really pertinent to a particular post, say it here.

If you want to send me a suggestion of something to post send it to jonco@bitsandpieces.us.

What’s on your mind?


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    • Jonco, Why thank you very much! I feel very honored. I hope Open Mic will be as interesting as Last Person. In just in case Last Person goes down, we can come here and carry on. And hope the gang from Last Person will come over here so we can continue on with our conversations. It’s been very interesting learning about the other ones. I’ll be looking forward to each day. Thanks again. Anne S.

  1. fiancee left me 2 months before the wedding, after a very long relationship, for another man, I did not expect that, I feel like crap, as if I am worth nothing

    • Well that sucks! You’re worth everything you were before. She just lost sight of that. As hard as it is, and I know it’s hard, you just can’t make someone love you. And truth be told, would you want someone to marry you and live with you that didn’t want to be there? All you can do is be the best person you can be. Be yourself. It will take time, but eventually you’ll see things will work out OK.

      • I am aware of that, but I can not seem to get rid of bad feelings in my heart, I feel so betrayed, I am aware that a person who is willing to do this is not worthy of me and I deserve better, but the constant feeling of bitterness in me is killing me, I need a friend

        sorry for the my bad English, I am from Croatia
        and I apologize for putting it here, I know that this is the site for the laughter, but I follow this site for many years and I had the need to share it here

        • I wish you well.

          There aren’t any words that can make this better in any way.

          But know this: integrity, like trust, is something worthwile. Somebody that plays that card, does not have it to begin with.

          Your wounds will heal over time. Her integrity will not (even if she would hypothetically come back to you).

          Stay strong. And perhaps find some good fitting music to sooth you a bit. It helps; a bit.

          • Good advice Thy King, Glad to see you made it over here. Guess you will soon be going to bed being your 6 hrs. ahead of us. So I’ll say good night now, and sleep well.

        • Time will lesson your sorrow, it really will. You just have to give time time to work.
          Many times when people break up it doesn’t mean one person is bad. People grow and change. Hopefully people grow together, but sometimes they grow apart. Bitterness hurts you, not her. But I think you know that. You have to get through this one day at a time.

          • thakns Jonco, one day at a time i know..argh a lot of more days 🙂
            and thanks to you King, music helps Dubstep!! 🙂 , and frends..and people who I do not know personally 🙂

            • This might sound harsh, but believe me, it’s better that it happened 2 months before the wedding rather than 2 months or 2 years after it. The consequences of ending a marriage are far far more difficult, expensive, and emotionally draining than ending it before the wedding. Time will be your best friend…you may never be comfortable with what happened, but the pain will dull, I promise you. Look to your friends, keep yourself busy, take up a hobby like photography or travel, remember to take time out from your other duties for time for yourself, smile, and come back here. It’s not a cure, but it will help. I also found that writing angry letters to her, and then sealing them up and hiding them, or better yet– burning or shredding them* –helps. (*DO NOT mail them to her!!!)

    • Don’t worry look for the silver lining in the sky. Your fiancee was probably not meant to be. You’ll find someone better and who really deserves you. And when that special someone enters your life you’ll be glad that things worked out the way they did. So throw that bitterness out the window and be glad. It was better to find out now. Because maybe if you would have gotten married and after a few years broken up anyway. Somebody better will come along for you. You take care.

  2. I’m going to be out of town this weekend. We’re taking four grandkids to Kansas City to visit with my brother and his family.
    I don’t anticipate posting much from KC, but I hope to keep up on the comments while there. I’ve set up a few things to post automatically, but not too many. You’ll have to entertain yourselves a lot.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. [img]http://STEPHENLEQUIER.COM/img/s1/v47/p137222007-2.jpg[/img]
    I’ve been a reader of Bits & Pieces for years, it’s the first place I go in the morning, I mean the second place. I have a photo gallery you might enjoy stephenlequier.com I’ve been a professional photographer for 12 years and shoot mostly Florida. I keep hoping that I will make it to one of the gatherings but so far it hasn’t worked out. Maybe next year. You’re great Jonco!

  4. Congratulations Thy King on winning Last Person! Glad you won, and hope you like your new title. Hope you make it over here so we can continue where we left off. And for all you new people on this page, Thy King is from the Netherlands. So when he is saying good night to us you’ll have to remember that he is 6 hrs. ahead of us. Bella, hcmom, Richard hope you have tagged along too. I know there are others like Sandi and I can’t remember all the names we will be able to keep in touch here. Here in Michigan where I live we finally had some rain, a little over 2 inches, and it has been a blessing, we were so dry. Today we are in the 80’s, but will be returning into the 90’s again on Sunday. Everyone enjoy your day!

  5. I am really fretful about now. I am part of a fairly close online community, and a couple friends live in Aurora, CO. Most of them have checked in, but one of them hasn’t. She isn’t LIKELY to have been at the movie theater at midnight last night, she had a paper to write, but it isn’t impossible that her boyfriend would have gone. It is very unlike her to have been out of our chat room for as long as she has been now, especially since she would have wanted to check on others.

  6. OK, Ms Mayor. Start planning the BABBQ for next year.
    Oh by the way, Send somebody out to my place to cut the grass along the right of way.
    One last thing, no more taxes…

    • Well now Richard, I’m sorry I don’t have any control over the taxes. As you know someone has put us in debt, and we will be paying up the nose the rest of our lives. As well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They will be lucky if they can retire before 100. However, that was not my plan. I would have froze taxes myself, so people could enjoy life. So guess I just hold the title, and can’t do much more. And by the way, get your neighbor to mow that grass for you. My neighbor does mine.

  7. I think we should do an east coast BABBQ in 2013 late June headed out that way so it will make it easy to justify the drive to see you all (or is it all you all) again.

  8. Well, let’s just say we can voice our opinions. We may not agree with them, but we don’t have to get in an arguement or agree with you. The way I look at it is if everyone had the same opinion on everything, it certainly would be a dull world. So if someone post a comment we don’t agree with maybe hold your tongue and just grin and bear it. After all we will be probably hearing others opinions we don’t agree with also. As long as we can keep it civilized.

    • I’m going to copy and paste a quote from you, Ms. Mayor: “…if everyone had the same opinion on everything, it certainly would be a dull world”. I concur. Indulge me to paraphrase: if everyone had the same taste (from a male point of view), we would all date the same woman. In that situation, I feel sorry for Infi and the rest of the “right” crowd, I claim dibs on first!!

      • Left vs. right trivia – “Right” in Latin means legitimate while “left” means sinister…for what that’s worth.

        • Hmmm, might need some source. Here’s a couple from latin-dictionary.org:
          English-Latin Online Dictionary

          rectum, rectus, beneficium, dexter, vox vocis
          There is no definition for this term.

          I win, A fortiori

            • I clicked and looked. By my count, there are 58 different definitions, or interpretations, of the word “right”, and there are 15 for the word “left”. So in a “pick the word that makes me correct” world, you’re, well, I guess, “right”. Before we get banished by Her Honor, I suggest that we agree to disagree, and find another subject to banter about.

  9. This may be just a little attention grabber but if anyone may have seen any of my avatars, you might have notice they are drawings. I draw just for the fun of but have drew one for a Commission. I am old and slow and it is a little embarrassing to tell people what I need for a 20 hrs. drawing. Any way I have created a album on photobucket for anyone that might enjoy seeing some of them. Please, no comments on here are necessary. I did this for anyone that may enjoy them, not for me.


    • I just looked at them. I’m impressed. Their very nice. I like the one of John Wayne especially, but their all good. Be sure to leave us know when you posted new ones. Good job!

  10. Wow, I’m almost late for the party here. Congrats Thy King on winning and Mayor Anne for your new office. Outstanding! I think we’re gonna have some fun in here. 🙂
    Have a great weekend Jonco! Also sending a big hug to buthead. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time and eventually that weight will disappear off your shoulders. It’s good to talk about it so the heart can heal. Take Care.

    • Bella, Welcome, and glad you made it over here. I was wondering where you were at. Good that you have joined the party.
      What’s the latest on the corn? Hope it’s coming along alright. And again welcome!!!

      • They’ve got some ears on them now Anne. Do they ever grow fast, I’ll be planting more next year. I only planted 8 to try them out and so far, so good. All the rest of veggies are doing really good as well. We had a late start to summer but it was a beautiful day today, not so hot.
        Bragging rights are sometimes the best prize Thy King. 🙂

        • Bella, at least you can get a taste of that corn anyway. Last year I had 3 corn stalks come up. I didn’t even plant them. The birds did. They must have dropped them from the bird feeder. I ended up with 3 ears of corn, and they were small ears. So I left them dry and then shucked the corn off the cob for the squirrels. Every year too, I get a bunch of sunflowers come up from the birds dropping the sunflower seeds. And this year I don’t know where it came from, but one lonely burgandy snapdragon came up. And the funny part was it came up right next to a lily of the same color. I’m having some problems with something chewing on all of my plants in the yard. They strip the leaves right off. Can’t seem to find any bugs on the plants. So guess I better get the Sevin out and sprinkle them all down good.

    • Yeah, feels good to win the single most useless contest. But i won the bragging rights, so i better use them 🙂

      Although it was a nice contest. 🙂

      • Thy King, Well if you remember Jonco didn’t say what the prize was going to be. But again you can brag about anything you like because you have the rights. In awhile you will be going to bed, so sleep well. And to everyone else have a good evening.

  11. Mayor Anne, I’m so glad you were appointed by proclamation rather than election. I’d hate to see more streaming media advertisments making political fodder of what you might have said 30 years ago…

  12. Well Richard, I think we can all get along in here. To me it’s like hearing both sides of the story and then we can form our opinions. When my husband was alive, we never argued about things. He would give his opinion, and I would give him my opinion, then we would talk it over and we would seem to resolve the problem together. It was like two adult people discussing something, not a couple of little kids fighting over something. It’s not worth it. Life’s too short to worry about the trivial things. Take each day as it comes, and live it to your fullest. I probably sound like a dingbat, but anyway that’s the way I feel. Guess I have always tried to be a peacemaker and argueing just doesn’t fit my style. Wishing you all a good day.

  13. I pretty much keep my religious and political opinions out of the picture, and stick with lovely neutral stuff. It may be less lively, but it makes for a lot fewer stepped on toes.

    • hcmom, You must have read my mind, as I was going to suggest that. Don’t think we need to discuss politics and religious views. So many other subjects we can talk about. Thanks for bringing it up, and let’s hope everyone can abide by it.

      • If we don’t discuss politics in here, than what will be the point of Jonco posting political entries? Except for one person, who has left this site, political discussion in here has usually been very informative.

        • I would imagine the place to discuss any political entries Jonco posts would be on those entries, not here. However, I didn’t say *no one* should discuss politics here, just that I’d be keeping my views to myself.

        • Well alright then, but lets try to keep it nice. We will hear people’s opinions as they see it. And then we can give our opinion. But we don’t have to attack one another, as that will solve nothing. If I feel it’s getting out of hand, then we won’t be discussing it in the future. Is that alright with you Richard?

            • If your referring about the remark Richard made about no more taxes, well then I guess I’m just as guilty. But you will notice I didn’t name any names. So guilty as charged.

              • Actually, Your Honor, I was not referring to Richard’s taxes comment. Perhaps you missed what I’m referring to?

  14. Good morning everyone. Nothing today planned, since my thesus isn’t finished for a few weeks. But still, it is weekend, so i am going to relax myself.

    Starting: now.

    • Good morning Thy King, as you can see I’m a night owl. Now your up and I’m getting ready to go to bed. So have a good day relaxing your Sunday away. Good night!!!

  15. Hang gliding lesson number three this afternoon. I get 10 more flights, plus I think today we start learning how to assemble and disassemble the hang glider.

    • Glad that you are enjoying your lessons. Must be pretty thrilling for you. Good luck on getting things packed up. Wonder if it’s anything like packing a parachute? I helped my Dad one time pack one. Of oourse that was years ago. Maybe they have a better way of doing it now. Have a good day!

  16. Hang gliders are assembled more than packed. Of course, once we start our mountain lessons, we need parachutes too, but hopefully we’ll never have to use them. To be honest, I’m very very very very very very scared about the jumping-off-mountain-cliffs aspect of hang gliding, but that’s still four or five lessons away.

  17. paul in boca, I guess I did miss to whatever your referring to. The right vs. left thing? or Jonco posting political thing? That’s the only two things I can come up with.

  18. My my, I’m away for a few days and a whole new village springs up. 😉 Congrats madam Mayor!

    Spent the morning watching one of my toddler grandsons. That boy is like a whirlwind, but I love it when he comes over. Now the rest of the day with the wife…Y’all have a great day, or night if that applies.

    • Thank you Gary on the wishes. I don’t have any grandchildren, but my girlfriend does. And when she takes care of her grandchildren she has to watch them like a hawk. Especially the one because she gets into everything. She says it makes her husband a nervous wreck. It wasn’t too bad in my area of Mich. today. They said we were suppose to see 92, but it only went to 89 and that was late in the afternoon. Suppose to have some rain coming in after midnight. Good night to Thy King, and everyone else have a good evening!

  19. Good Morning Everyone, and Good Afternoon to Thy King. Seems we’ve had a pause here in our comments. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good day. We just had a downpour of rain here a few hours ago. Now it’s suppose to go to 97 today. So I’ll be staying in for the day. Have some windows to wash, but don’t have to go outside for that, as my windows tilt in for cleaning also. Check with you all later.

    • I am still here. Just had a crappy night, and a very busy day. Tomorrow is going to be another one, especially since i need to fix a mistake in my work that i cannot find yet. Dammit. Why are things never easy?

      It is getting warmer here. 25 degrees for a few days, meaning my room here is going to get damn hot.

  20. Long day yesterday. I’m finally flying on my own, without the instructor having to run down the hill hanging on to me! And climbing back up the sand dune 15 or 20 times in four hours is getting… uh… very slightly less difficult? I’m LOVING hang gliding!

    Good morning, everyone, have a good day!

    • Maybe you might have that right. We kind of lost one member though, and don’t know where she is, we haven’t heard from and it’s Sandie. We kind of discussed some of the things going on in our lives. And discussed some history of World War II with Thy King. And got into a discussion about Custer, and I could tell them about that as Monroe,MI. was my hometown, stuff like that where we got to learn a few things. hcmom has taken up paragliding, So guess we kind of got to know about one another. So maybe you could tell us something we might not know about your area, or something famous that happened there. Thy King, Bella, Richard, Sandie, hcmom have been the regulars. And right now I can’t think of the others, so sorry if I didn’t include you.

      • I have absolutely no idea Anne, but just maybe Sandie has a cabin at the lake and has her feet up and enjoying the summer. I hope.
        Sir Paul, anyone can step in at any time and add a comment. I think the rest of us just like to communicate and see how each other are doing. No harm. How’s that cute little son of yours? I’m betting it’s hair straight back and no fear time for him. 🙂

        • Bella, you may be right about Sandi. Know she was still grieving over the loss of her husband, but I told her she should get out, as she has to start a new life now. Know it’s hard because I’m in the same boat since losing my husband in March. But life goes on, and we have to believe they’re in a better place. Have company from out of town coming on Wed. My niece and her grandmother are coming just for the day. Then on Fri. my husband’s cousins are coming for the day. So I’m going to be kind of busy this week. Just wish we didn’t have the hot weather though. I’ll say Good Morning to Thy King and hope the 25(c) degrees which is about 77(f) degrees here isn’t too hot for you. And Good Night to everyone else. Hope you all have a nice day.

    • Richard, Thanks for mentioning it. I didn’t know it was Jonco’s birthday. So a great big Happy Birthday Jonco, and hope your day will be happy. Your birthday is one day after my husband’s birthday. He would have been 77 yesterday. Lots of birthdays so far in this month.

      • Big Hug Anne. Just coz I know that you are one wonderful Lady. Be strong. Your hubby would be proud that you are Mayor of our community, I believe. I understand.

        Happy Birthday Jonco. (wonder how many times I’m gonna say this today) 🙂

        • Thanks Bella, Yes I believe my husband would have been ecstatic for me. He never got on the computer much, so I’ve been on the computer mostly in the last 12 yrs. Hope your day is going fine, we had some more rain this morning, not a whole lot but at least it dampened the ground. Helped to bring the humidity down too. I’d open up the patio door and it was just like walking into a sauna bath. Catch you later…

  21. I will say it again because it’s not official until I post it here… Happy Birthday Jonco! I hope you are having a great day!

  22. Hey, I go away for 1 day, and nobody posts anything? Well I’m back for today, and tomorrow I have company coming from out of town for the day, so it will be another day like yesterday, won’t have much time to be on the computer, and as of last night, I’ve got more company coming on Sunday. Well at least I get a little breather between times. Hope all are having a great day!

      • Bella, Thank goodness I get a day between all my company, as their coming from out of town, but just for the day. Nice to have all the company, and as you say lots of smiles and laughs. Nice that they come see me because I can’t take all the driving from where they come from. Not use to driving on long trips anymore. So have fun with your company. Have a good day, and everyone else do the same.

      • Perhaps when Paul wrote this morning maybe he wasn’t wide awake yet. Or maybe his fingers weren’t cooperating. But since I’m here and have had a pretty full day with my company, I’ll wish Thy King good night, and a good evening to everyone else. Wake up paul in boca!!!

          • He was probably typing before he was thinking. I’m sometime guilty of that too. And sometimes I type a word in that doesn’t even belong. But then that’s probably senility setting in on me.ha! ha!

  23. I just stopped in to say, “Hello”!, to everyone, and inquire about our good friend, ‘Grumpy’. Has anyone heard how he is doing lately? I’ll check back later.

  24. We made it up to 83 here today in Mich. where I live. Rain coming in later on tonight. We hadn’t had rain for umpteen weeks until last week on Thurs. and now it’s rained some almost every day. Not complaining as we had been so dry. And best of all our temperatures have dropped down into the 80’s. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday. And I see by the clock it’s time for Thy King to go to bed. Hope he is doing alright because he hasn’t posted for several days now. And I know Bella has company until Wed. and see hcmom has been busy with her paragliding. Everyone have a good evening.

  25. No cool new hang gliding pics. Bah. It was a rough day yesterday, with barely any wind at all. Gliding *down* is still fine, but getting the glider back UP the sand dune is a lot harder without any breeze to help. You have to carry a 60 pound glider with a wing span of about 30′ up a sand covered hill, on your shoulders. Twenty times. I did great on the flying part though!!

  26. Frist Again!! (For July 30)
    @ Richard and Her Honor:
    I used to spend some time on Fark.com, and there was always someone who posted “First!” if they were the first to comment on each and every post. It became so annoying that I posted “Frist” because at the time, he was making news on a regular basis.

    • Well, frist paul in boca… welcome back. Now we know your explanation of the word. So guess we will leave you use it here. Everyone have a great day whereever you are.

  27. Between using the remote and DVR, I’m trying to keep up with all of the Olympic events, but It is impossible with so many things going on at the same time. I enjoy watching some of the sports that I’ve either never seen or rarely seen, like field hockey or badminton. My wife commandeered the big screen TV to see the equestrian cross country today, so I’m relegated to the bedroom TV for other events.

    • Guess you’ll have to watch what you can there Richard. I’ve got two big screen TV’s here I’m not using. Would you like me to send them down? Got 2 cable boxes you can record with, and also DVR you could record on, so you probably could watch any event you wanted. I haven’t been watching the olympics, and the ones I wanted to see I already missed. The swimming with Michael Phelps. Big disappointment there, afraid his swimming ability is over.

  28. Couple of hard days of work. I am almost at a deadline, so not much time to come here.

    But since i am about to join the sleeping crowd, i wish you all much fun! 🙂

    • Thy King, Good to see you back, I was afraid we lost you or something. Don’t work too hard and hope you make your deadline. So Good Night and sleep well. Everyone have a good evening.

    • And Frist to you paul in boca. You know when I first saw you post that when I started to look at it, it looked like you were going to say Frisk. And I sure wondered what the heck, but then saw it said Frist. Well now that I have that out of me, I’ll leave until later. Have a good day!

  29. My medical update. After six months of suffering with a pinched nerve, I finally gave in to my wife’s cajoling (aka nagging) and went to a Chiropractor. I just finished my sixth adjustment and am really feeling better. I’m going to head back to the gym later this week. Wish me luck…

  30. Ahhhh, company is headed out tomorrow and I’m a pooped puppy. Playing tour guide, bartender, concierge, taxi driver and chief cook and bottle washer has done me in.
    Good luck with the gym Richard and I hope you’re doing better. Goodnight everyone.

  31. Bella, After the last person was out my door from my company I said to myself thank goodness I don’t have to do that all the time. Although you had more work then me, as my company just came for the day, and we went out to eat. So you deserve a holiday. After your company leaves sit yourself down and puts your feetsies up, and rest for awhile. Good night everyone and Good morning to Thy King.

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