Problematic Ad on B&P

I’m stumped on a problem a few people are having involving the ad near the top of the right sidebar.

It’s hard to describe what’s going on but it has to do with the ad not letting the user scroll down the page.  Here’s how one person described it: 

The ad on the right side of the page is forcing my browser to have that part of the page on my screen.  I use Chrome on a Chromebook to access the internet.  Whenever I try to scroll down past it, the browser jumps me right back to that part of the page,  I cannot escape the ad.

I’ve tried Googling it but can’t really find much on the problem.  I was hoping the theme change would fix the issue but two people have told me they’re still having the problem.  

I’ve reset the Google Adsense ad code so I’m pretty sure it’s not corrupt.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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