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The first blog I can remember reading regularly was memepool.com.  It’s still there but hasn’t been updated in over a year.  Then I discovered J-Walk Blog and was hooked.   Like many of you I was forwarding funny things people sent me.  I always worried about whether some wouldn’t want to receive this stuff, so I decided to start Bits & Pieces.  The name comes from a column I wrote in a newsletter for a club I belonged to.

Bits & Pieces began on March 31, 2002 over at BitsandPieces1.blogspot.com but posting was sporadic for the first couple of years.  Somewhere around 2005 I began to get serious and started posting daily.

I moved B&P to WordPress and it’s own domain name BitsandPieces.us in early 2008.  August of 2009 saw the start of Bits of Wisdom and Naughty Bits saw light in April of 2010 after a rough start as Bad Bits.

April also was the great B&P hack which cleaned out the website.  We’re still in the process of rebuilding the site and still have hopes of getting all the lost posts back.

Note: I don’t vouch for the accuracy of anything posted here.
Contents of this site are not necessarily the views of management.

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