Friday Firesmith – Black Friday

By the time you read this someone will be murdered. Someone who waited in line at Mal-Wart, or Best Buy, or some other retail store will have been trampled, shot, beaten, stabbed, run over in the parking lot, or maybe even died of exposure in line, simply to have more stuff. More stuff. There’s never … Read more

Friday Firesmith – I Hate Christmas

There was a time when the holidays, any holiday, had a certain time period that it existed. Halloween started gearing up about a week before the event. Kids got out of school the week of Thanksgiving, and that’s when everything really started feeling festive. Christmas trees went up after Thanksgiving, but shopping didn’t start until … Read more

Friday Firesmith – The Death Penalty For Child Molesters

Back in my home town of Blakely Georgia, everyone knew, and everyone loved, Smilin’ Bob, the manager of the grocery store. What we didn’t know is that he began sexually assaulting his daughter beginning when she was eight years old. No one, as far as I knew, ever did anything about it, Bob was never … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Russia’s Resurrection

One of the greatest political prizes that Russia has to gain in the recent post-cold war power struggle against the EU and America, is that of a warm water ports. Most people do not realize that the clashes between Britain and Russia involving both the Crimea and the Balkans stemmed mostly from the desire for … Read more

Friday Firesmith – Timber Rattlesnakes and the Atlanta Braves

A woman I knew had an uncanny ability to find the very worst men to live with. Invariably, any boyfriend she hooked up with left her with debt, problems with law enforcement, or Timber Rattlesnakes. Okay, only one left her with Timber Rattlesnakes, but how many times does it really have to happen? I make … Read more