Smile for the Kissmas picture

Animal xmas pics


Thanks Megan M


Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Thanks Rich


3 Caret Ring

3 ct ring



Void Of Christmas Spirit

Xmas spirit



That time of year again

That time of year



Dog on a Roomba – Holiday Edition!!

Dogs Opening Christmas Presents

Read all about it.


Christmas Eve in Heaven…

Three men die on Christmas Eve and go to heaven, where they’re met by Saint Peter. “In order to get in,” he tells them, “you must each produce something representative of the holidays.”

The first man digs into his pockets and pulls out a match and lights it. “This represents a candle of hope.” Impressed, Peter lets him in.

The second man pulls out a tangle of keys and shakes them. “These are bells.” He’s allowed in too.

“So,” Peter says to the third man, “What do you have?”

The third man proudly shows him a pair of red panties.

“What do these have to do with Christmas?” asks Peter.

“They’re Carol’s.”




Hot air ballon oops



You’re doing it wrong

Washing the firetruck



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