Anti-Gunners Shoot For The First Time

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Incredible motorcycle accident!

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Barely Legal Pawn

Read all about this parody.


New Diet

 New diet



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Trivia Tidbit:  Acronyms are said like words, while initialisms are individual letters. For example, NATO is an acronym and FBI is an initialism.


The 10 Best Improvised Scenes in Movie History



DIY – The 5 Gallon Bucket Air Cooler






Best Real Mugshot Ever

Best mugshot ever

Robert Burt showed up at the Somerset County Jail to serve two days for driving under the influence. To commemorate the occasion, he wore a custom-made shirt that featured his previous mug shot. When jailers booked him and took his mug shot again, a totally meta moment was created for the ages.

 According to the Smoking Gun, Burt created the shirt with the help of a coworker just before going to jail to serve his 48-hour sentence on Aug. 8.  

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Bo Taoshi – Japanese Pole Toppling

Could this be a new Olympic Sport?

Read all about it.

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