Firesmith has surgery

Mike Firesmith had emergency surgery yesterday after perforation of a diverticulum in his innards. He’s already up and walking the halls. He says he feels like “Death warmed over” but he won’t let that keep him down.

We have two weeks’ worth of Friday Firesmith on file so he doesn’t have to worry about that for a little while.

24 thoughts on “Firesmith has surgery”

    • Barry – Maybe where you are (and hopefully where Mike is),,, but powdered decaff coffee with skim milk, Jello, meatloaf that looked like it was hi-jacked from a nearby bedpan and vegetables cooked beyond recognition is not going to earn anyone a Michelin Star. I’ll admit that hunger is the best sauce. The best food I’ve witnessed at a hospital was in the maternity wing as a post-birth celebration … lobster, steak… even wine!

  1. Get well soon my friend. The food alone should be enough to get you out of there quickly. That, and needing a decent cup of coffee.


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