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Legs or Hot Dogs?


30 Secons aof fuel left…  ⇒ 

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About those fish in isolated lakes and ponds

The Not-So-Distant History Of Radio Jingles

Smokey Bear Loses Job Due To Budget Cuts


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  1. I’m listening to the aftermath of the landing situation right now. It’s around 103:08:00 at the link I supplied in weekend update.

    Basically they were dealing with some alarms on the way down and didn’t have time to look for a proper landing spot. The automatically targeted site was full of boulders so Armstrong took the controls and flew over the surface until he found a better spot. They had no clue where they landed at first.

    • This is crazy! I never heard about this. A couple hours after landing they still aren’t sure exactly where the lander is. The orbiter just flew over and Collins said he didn’t see it where they thought it was. Ground Control is sounding a little nervous. They’re thinking maybe Collins just didn’t see it?

  2. I’m not too worried about Smokey losing his job. Decades ago he told me only → I ← could prevent forest fires.


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