2 thoughts on “Cat confused by a card trick”

  1. About 5 years ago I rescued a feral kitten at a paper mill. While not
    a cat lover, could not let the little bastard die from his intestinal
    parasites or be cruhed under the wheels of a forklift, so I trapped
    his mangy ass and took him home via an animal hospital. There
    are two basic facts about cats everyone needs to know;

    They are Alexandria Empty Cortex stupid.

    Despite their reputation for being agile and stealthy, I lost track of
    all of the times he fell on his ass. What is worse, if Slow Poke
    Rodriguez II misjudges a jump or if I move when he decided to
    leap and he loses his footing, out come the razor sharp claws
    which usually results in blood loss (mine.)

  2. Haha Leonard Jones. To think I actually googled Alexandria Empty Cortex thinking it was a medical condition. But you were merely signalling you are on team Trump a propos of nothing. Gotcha. So tell me, as you have seen fit to bring your politics to a light-hearted cat video, does making America great again just mean being more racist, or is there more to it than that?


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