4 thoughts on “And they can do it without laughing…”

  1. Well, to be fair, they’re not just “putting it in a bag”. They’re entering it into the database, checking for interactions, sending the claim to the insurance and dealing with any rejections, then checking that the item selected from the shelf is correct, and labelled properly, then re-checking the paper RX against what was put into the database, re-confirming there are no interactions. All of this happens while they’re also responsible for answering phones and electronic requests, and whatever other customers come to the counter or drive thru (if applicable). Don’t forget, if there’s something they need to clarify with your physician, they also have to take that time.

    20 minutes to make sure they don’t kill you isn’t a lot to ask. You wouldn’t mind waiting 20 minutes while a physician checked on something related to your health.

    As for being the “least helpful” service providers: They’re not cashiers and never were intended to be- they’re health care professionals who can make a life-or-death decision for you. Unfortunately, the majority of retail pharmacists are at the mercy of corporate conglomerates who put ridiculous burdens on them to increase sales.

    Source: Spent 10 years working as a pharmacy technician.


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