3 thoughts on “Police respond to burglary call…”

  1. I literally just had what looked like an owl try to come through my window. He landed on the ledge and kept banging into the glass. I’m still sitting here looking around trying to figure out what he wanted in here so bad.

  2. About 10-15 years ago I was involved in part of the repair of a house in my town where a deer had crashed thru a window when no one was home, and then couldn’t find his way out. The house was wrecked. Blood everywhere – carpeting, walls, mattresses, furniture. Holes in doors and drywall walls, cabinets and mirrors wrecked, lamps and anything that was on surfaces was busted, glass front hutch shattered, books, magazines, bedding, curtains, blinds, electronics, all bloody and destroyed.

    I imagine the deer assumed room temperature that night.

  3. Pull the shade up, stand AWAY from the window, shut off your flashlights and wait a few minutes.


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